No Morals, No Principles, No Problem: the Republican Party Welcomes You

New Republican Logo

Trump will never let us ignore him; he must have his ego stroked frequently, or he will explode. He is an attention whore who lacks the ability to think before he acts. He is making rash decisions which are extremely dangerous for America and the world.

Although our nation must suffer through four years of Trump residing in the White House, we can eliminate members of his party whose hypocritical response to a Trump presidency is unforgivable. The midterms are less than two years away.

The Republican Party began a conspiracy to derail Trump’s campaign in August of 2015. Reince Priebus was the Chairman of the RNC, and Roger Ailes was the President of FOX Noise. FOX was conducting the first Republican debate. Together they created a plan to embarrass and discredit Trump. Megyn Kelly was ordered to personally attack the ‘orange man.’ It was a total failure. Trump counter-attacked. There was no debate; the event degenerated into a personal battle between Trump and Kelly.

The results were known the very next day; Trump’s poll numbers increased.

Over the next 15 months Republicans denounced Trump for his racism, his Islamophobia, and his lack of qualifications to lead our nation. His detractors included Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Kelly Ayotte, Marco Rubio, and others. They were at the center of the “Never Trump” movement.

Personally, I was thrilled; I was fooled into believing that some Republicans actually had principles. I was misled.

Republican leadership rallied behind Marco Rubio. When he was crushed in his own state’s primary by 20 points, he withdrew. Although he was hated by most Republicans, it appeared that the only candidate who had an opportunity to defeat Trump was Ted Cruz. The RNC threw their full support behind him.

Trump claimed that Cruz’ father had aided Lee Harvey Oswald in the assassination of JFK. He also showed a picture of Cruz’ wife, Heidi, and inferred that she was unattractive. Cruz reacted with vicious attacks against Trump and his lack of character and eligibility to lead the nation.

When Cruz was forced to relinquish his bid for the nomination, Trump became the presumptive nominee. Many Republicans continued to denounce him. It was easy because the truth is that Trump is a man without morals or principles.

When audio tapes revealing Trump’s beliefs regarding women, and his proclaimed right to use them for his personal gratification were heard around the world, I was once again fooled by Romney, Ryan, McConnell and others.

No one was more outraged than Paul Ryan; or so I believed. He told the media that he could not support such a despicable man. He spoke in defense of his wife and daughters.

Trump is now your president, and things have changed. All of the aforementioned Republicans have capitulated, and are bowing to their leader. He has their full support as hypocrisy has become the Republican Party’s only ‘virtue.’

I was not surprised. Many former Republican politicians who committed felonies in the past were warmly accepted back into the party after their punishment; which was usually a ‘slap on the wrist.’ Mark Sanford, Newt Gingrich and others are once again “respected” members of the GOP.

However, politicians such as Barrack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, or Kirsten Gillibrand would not be accepted into the Republican Party. They are respected, principled, and dignified individuals. They are not corrupt; they have concerns for the American people. None of them fit the definition of a ‘Republican.’

Remember this when you vote in 2018; and please, please vote.


By James Turnage


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