My ‘Expert’ Super Bowl Prediction


I have little respect for the announcers and analysts who broadcast and offer their opinions about the NFL. They all have ‘assistants’ who watch the games and offer their opinions. I watch the games and have been vindicated most of the time.

I once wrote for a sports blog. My predictions were far more accurate than those who are paid millions of dollars a year to convince you that they know what they are talking about.

So, that said, here is my prediction for the Super Bowl.

The outcome is completely based on Tom Brady. In the championship game, the Pittsburgh Steelers were the far better team, but they were out-coached. They were constantly chasing the Patriots, and never found a solution. Kevin Butler, the Defensive Coordinator, was mostly to blame, but Head Coach Mike Tomlin failed to motivate his players.

The result can be based on one fact; Tom Brady’s jersey was clean when the game ended.

Brady hates physical contact. If you review all of his games, when he is hit frequently, he loses. He is a coward and a wuss.

Therefore, the outcome of the Super Bowl will be based on the ability of the Falcons’ defense to harass Brady frequently; beating him into the ground. If they give him as much time as the Steelers allowed, he will win by three touchdowns.

It’s your evaluation which could make you a great deal of money if you are a betting man.

One warning. Robert Craft is Roger Goodell’s closest friend in the league. The referees are always instructed to protect “Saint Tom.” This must be factored into your decision.

Good Luck; I won’t be watching for the first time. Until this year, I watched every Super Bowl, but I already know the outcome.

Sorry Atlanta.


By James Turnage

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