Kellyanne Conway Offers so Many “Alternative Facts,” She Could be Trump’s Twin Sister


Spin doctor Kellyanne Conway is offering “alternative facts” for Trump’s controversial ban of Muslims entering the United States. The problem is that she is being selective.

These are countries that have a history of training, harboring, exporting terrorists,” Conway, counselor to the president, told “Fox News Sunday.” “We can’t keep pretending and looking the other way.”

Has Conway conveniently forgotten about the most horrendous attack on American soil in history? Is she a robot; created after September 11, 2001?

There were 19 terrorists who skyjacked three aircraft on 9/11. Of these nineteen cowards, 15 were from Saudi Arabia. Why is Saudi Arabia not on the list?

Why is Pakistan not on the list? The Pakistani government harbored Osama bin Laden, the leader of the largest terrorist group today; Al Qaeda.

Also not included is Afghanistan. We were engaged in a war with them for a longer period of time than any other nation in history.

What about Turkey, or the United Arab Emirates?

Countries that are banned are Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. All of these nations have refugees fleeing what can only be labeled ‘genocide.’

But Trump and his circle of sinners have no financial interest in these nations. They do in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. They may have interest soon in other nations if Trump sends our soldiers into another unwinnable war. Arms sales is a billion dollar business.

The upside (is) greater protection of our borders, our people. That’s a small price to pay,” said Conway, arguing the ban impacts just roughly 1 percent of such travelers.

The Trump administration has already destroyed America’s reputation as a nation of compassionate and accepting people. He is denying the needs of hundreds of thousands of the most distressed men, women, and children in the world.

What it is can be told by me, but never the media. This is another move towards fascism; racial cleansing. White Supremacists live and work in the White House. World domination is Trump’s goal, with the guidance of Vladimir Putin.

Trump’s inaugural speech was similar to that of Adolf Hitler in 1933. He demands blind loyalty, and falsely claimed that the United States is the only great nation in the world. He offers “alternative facts;” lies which his government expects us to believe.

You are being conned, my fellow Americans. Trump and his circle of sinners are making fools of us all. Accept it or join the revolution.


By James Turnage


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