Women are Losing the War, while a Religious Cult Rejects Human Rights


Representing Republican’s continual ‘war on women,’ Mike Pence attended the “march for life” in Washington on Friday. It was a “pro-life” rally. Trump spoke to those attending and told them that the Trump administration would support religion and not the Constitution, and that “life is winning again in America.”

What Pence should have said is that ‘a religious cult is more important than the rights of women in America.’

In truth, abortion is not an issue. Your opinion, nor mine is of any consequence. This is a decision for the woman who is pregnant, and the most difficult choice she will ever make in her life.

I denounce religion; Christianity is one of the main reasons our government is broken, and our nation is divided. I am one of a growing 65+million Americans who consider religion mind control and cults where weak-minded individuals seek guidance and decisions they are unable to make for themselves.

Republicans have their values in their wallets, and they never take them out. Isn’t it a bit farcical that they care more about an undeveloped fetus than the mother? And why are they willing to take away healthcare from over 20 million Americans, defund Planned Parenthood, which saves lives, and murder thousands of our nation’s people. Hypocrites one and all. The don’t care about humans, they care about elections.

If the Christian religious right was not interfering in our government, in violation of the first amendment, abortion and same-sex marriage would not be issues. The truth is that they are not, Republicans have made them issues to gain votes and win elections.

A close examination of Mike Pence reveals that he is a dinosaur. He lives in the past and is unable to think about reality and the future. He is homophobic, a misogynist, and a man who does not believe in the Constitution. Fortunately, he is an old white man who will soon be nothing but a bad memory. He is the minority, and represents everything that our founding fathers despised. They knew that religions were evil and destructive. This is why they considered the first amendment the most important addendum to the Constitution.

Women of all races and religions will soon dominate the nation, as old, white men and women experience their demise. Diversity will be the majority. No longer will racism, bigotry, and misogyny be strong forces in our government and our society.

Like Martin Luther King said about racial equality, I am 70 years of age, and I may not get there with you, but sometime in the near future America may become one of the great nations of the world.


By James Turnage


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