Why We Continue to Laugh at Kellyanne Conway


When Ted Cruz remained in contention for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, billionaire Robert Mercer was supporting his campaign. When Cruz resigned from his effort, Mercer moved to Donald Trump’s camp. Along with him and his money came Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway. Mercer ordered Trump to give Bannon the title of CEO, although no one knows what he actually did in the campaign. Kellyanne Conway became his third campaign manager. She had no experience; known within Republican circles as a pollster. What she actually became was Trump’s personal ‘spin doctor.’

Every time Trump made an outrageous and usually fallacious statement, her job was to spin the truth, or talk around the issue when interviewed; she was very, very busy. Bannon is now Trump’s chief White House adviser, and instructor for success as a white supremacist. Conway is his senior adviser, but continues to cover-up Trump’s vile and fallacious rhetoric and tweets.

She has always been laughed at by those of us who closely follow politics, but last Sunday she became the butt of jokes around the nation.

It began with her humorous costume on Trump’s inauguration day. She looked like a mascot for the New England Patriots. When Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, was ordered by Trump to remark on what was reported as the smallest crowd at an inauguration in decades, he established himself as “Lyin Sean.” He falsely claimed that the number of supporters on Friday was the ‘largest crowd ever to attend an inauguration; period.’

Of course we now know that this was a blatant lie. Each inauguration, photos are taken from the same angles and recorded for posterity. Trump’s crowd was approximately one-third as large as President Obama’s in 2013.

Conway re-established herself as a laughing stock when she appeared on ‘Meet the Press’ Sunday with moderator Chuck Todd. When she was forced to answer a question about Spicer’s falsehood, she labeled his statement as an “alternative fact.” Todd refused to let her spin the words and told her to admit that “alternative facts” are nothing more than lies.

Conway claims to respect women, but she was the first to defend Trump for his own words when he not only objectified women, he claimed that he had the right and privilege to physically assault them. Maybe she enjoys having her own p***y grabbed.

Now for the absolute truth. Conway is similar to her boss; she is an attention whore. She has appeared on multiple broadcasts, and obviously believed that she could talk around or spin the truth. All she did in reality was make a fool of herself.

I’ve asked this question before; who is paying her salary. Trump created a new position. Is he responsible for her wages? Is Mercer footing the bill? Or, are taxpayers paying for Trump’s privilege of having a personal spin doctor?

While Trump has quickly become the ‘most hated man in America, which is difficult to accomplish when we examine Ryan, McConnell, Giuliani, Gingrich, and multiple other traitors to the American people, Conway is the most laughed at woman in the nation.


By James Turnage


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