Your First President with an Ego Greater than his Abilities

Poll Leader

Donald Trump has two priorities above all else; ensure that his fragile ego is stroked daily, and seek revenge against anyone who hurts his ego. What I just stated was proven during the campaign season, and continues to be the truth today.

When Trump spoke before the CIA, with the ‘wall of heroes’ directly behind him, all he did was brag about the crowd at his inauguration. Of course we all know that was an “alternative fact.”

It looked like a million, a million and a half people,” Trump said.

Experts, who reviewed the pictures from all angles reported that it was a far smaller crowd than claimed by Trump. It was approximately one-third the size of President Obama’s four years previously.

The Women’s March on Washington Saturday was larger in size and scope. This fact is understandable; the polls show that far more people find Trump unfavorable than favorable.

Trump is also demanding an investigation into his fantasy that three to five million votes were cast illegally, and all of them were for Hillary; not one for Trump. This is a reaction to the fact that Hillary trounced him in the popular vote, and she received the people’s mandate; not your illegitimate president.

Trump completed one week in office today. Reports from the White House claim that he spends most of his time watching television, and tweeting. About what we expected from a man who never worked a full day in his life.

Sadly, Trump continues to receive most of his information from fake television news. So, not only is he the least qualified man to ever live in the White House, he is the least informed.


By James Turnage


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