Will the Republican Congress Bow to Trump’s Illegal and Anti-American Agenda? Probably

the Turtle

My lack of respect and complete rejection of Donald Trump and Mike Pence are well-know. Any true American will join me in my appraisal of our illegitimate leaders. Only one group receives a higher level of disdain; every Republican in congress. They are hypocrites who once denounced Trump’s lack of morality, his inability to perform the job of President of the United States, and his support of white supremacy. Today they are bowing to his every demand; they have found their fuhrer.

Majority Leader of the Senate, and traitor to the American people, Mitch McConnell, attempted to ‘fast-track’ Trump’s despicable nominees. He supports men and women who are the worst of America, have no qualifications, and will destroy 60 years of progress.

Before Trump was elected, Republicans claimed that the ‘great wall’ would never be constructed; now they’re scrambling to find to money to waste on a complete failure, which is totally unnecessary. They are willing to bankrupt the nation to serve their master.

Repealing the Affordable Care Act will not only murder thousands of Americans, it will also cost Republicans the 2018 midterm election. They are lying when they claim to have a plan to replace it; Republicans do not create; they destroy.

Wasting time and money investigating Trump’s imagined voter fraud is extremely ignorant when it has already been proven a lie. But Republicans will find a way to kiss Trump’s a**.

The American people have only one party in Washington, but with the exception of a few, they are too cowardly to be effective. Time to vote incumbent Democrats out of office as well. Kirsten Gillibrand, Senator from New York, is the only Democrat to have the courage to vote against all of Trump’s nominees.

Politicians do not support the American people; they support their party, and their goal is reelection.

Trump will destroy America, unless 320 million people join together and fight back. We are the nation; our government must serve us or be replaced; and the latter appears to be our only option.


By James Turnage


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