Russia has its Greatest Asset in History as Trump Bows to his Puppet Master Vladimir Putin


Trump has already alienated many of our allies, and several of our enemies. However, he has displayed worship for Russia and its dictatorial President, Vladimir Putin. This is to be expected, they have had a relationship for at least the last six years. According to the ‘Golden Showers Dossier,’ Putin helped him achieve his fantasy when Trump visited Moscow. Putin was wise to assist Trump in his election bid; he now has the greatest American asset of all time.

Trump was also wise to nominate Rex Tillerson as his Secretary of State. Putin and Tillerson are also very close, and the three men share at least one thing; their love for oil and the monetary rewards it offers. The hell with their countries.

I don’t understand why Trump continues to lie to the American people; he should be proud of his close friend. It is confusing for the American people that Trump is attempting to spin the truth and claim that more than three million votes were cast illegally. Every security agency in our nation has now confirmed the fact that Putin interfered with the election. In addition, FBI Director James Comey remains under investigation for intentionally damaging Hillary Clinton with his announcement just eleven days before the election.

Putin, the former strong man for the KGB, is teaching Trump how to create a fascist regime in America. Trump is learning that the first step is to remove free speech, destroy the media, and force the people to believe “alternative facts.” He has also learned how to create a tool for his propaganda by controlling the ‘Voice of America’ radio network.

Other indicators that Putin is pulling Trump’s strings are related to actions directly opposing American values. He is renewing the practice of torturing our suspected enemies. Although this vile action has been proven a failure, Trump loves violence, and this is a perfect fit for your immoral leader.

He has also stated that when we invade another nation, we must take its oil and other reserves; “to the victor belongs the spoils.”

Trump’s efforts to bring fascism into our nation are not subtle. I would not be surprised if he soon replaces the stars the the Flag with either hammers and sickles or swastikas.

This is the truth, but the question is ‘will you accept becoming a slave to Trump and his circle of sinners, or will you join the revolution?’

I made my choice on November 9th.


By James Turnage


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