Trump’s Circle of Sinners are Using Private E-Mail Accounts, Vindicating Hillary’s Attacks by the GOP and the Media


One of the proven reasons why Trump was gifted the presidency by the Electoral College, although his victory was tainted by an enormous defeat by Hillary Clinton in the popular vote, is James Comey’s announcement that investigations into Hillary’s personal e-mail account would be renewed. Post-election, circumstantial evidence has proven that a relationship between Trump and Comey existed prior to November 8th.

The media aided Trump and the Republican Party with its incessant reporting of the non-consequential use of a private server, while accepting Trump’s immoral and anti-American rhetoric, and allegations of his being a sexual predator. Today it was reported that many of Trump’s circle of sinners are using private e-mail accounts to avoid transparency, and aid Trump in his goal of establishing a fascist nation.

Kellyanne Conway, Jared Kushner, Sean Spicer and Steve Bannon, have active accounts on a Republican National Committee (RNC) email system, Newsweek has learned.

Today Trump instituted policies leading to fascism by restricting the American people’s access to government operations pertinent to the welfare of our nation. Add to this personal e-mail accounts by white supremacist, Steve Bannon, spin doctor, Kellyanne Conway, his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and his contracted liar, press secretary Sean Spicer, and we are seeing additional evidence of a Trump regime which will destroy transparency and the first amendment rights of the press and therefore the American people.

Unlike Hillary, his actions are not innocent; he is intentionally destroying the relationship between his fascist regime and the American people. Trump cannot be trusted and is unfit to soil the White House with his immoral and anti-American beliefs and actions.

These members of Trump’s circle of sinners are in violation of the Disclosure Requirement For Official Business Conducted Using Electronic Messaging Accounts,” a law, 44 U.S.C. 2209, that went into effect in 2014.

This law was enacted after the revelation that the Bush Administration hid details regarding the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq from the American People.

But what does Trump care about breaking laws? Throughout his business career and now his illegitimate presidency he has broken more laws than I have pubic hairs. (I am 70-years-old).

Trump considers himself a god, and that he is infallible, and free from prosecution for his crimes.

Let us all make him aware that he is in our sights, and his future is in great jeopardy. Join the revolution!


By James Turnage


Follow me on twitter; @jamesturnagenov

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