Republican’s New War on the Working Class in Support of Special Interests and the Establishment of Fascism

New Republican Logo

If you are one of the millions of uninformed voters who believe that the Republican Party represents the majority; the working class; read this carefully. GOP politicians are destroying everything which benefits the vast majority of the American people and are increasing their support of special interests. The entire Republican Party are traitors to 320 million loyal Americans.

President Obama worked for all of us; Trump works for the wealthy, and the hypocrites in the Republican Party are joining him in a new war against the American people.

This week, alone, Republicans will begin to revoke actions taken by a real President to protect and serve the majority. Their first step will be the revocation of an ‘anti-bribery’ rule aimed at American companies including Exxon-Mobile and Chevron. Will this affect our new corrupt Secretary of State? This was intended to create transparency regarding payments to foreign governments by U.S. companies.

They will also remove environmental measures, new gun control laws, and efforts to improve labor relations.

Read closely, if you value the truth. You will not hear any of the facts I reveal to you from the mainstream media. They will not inform you that their new president and his party are attempting to remove every last remnant of democracy from our government. Fascism is arriving quickly.

I listened to Dan Rather on Rachel Maddow’s show last evening. He was 100 percent right. It’s not enough to become angry, and protests alone will not rid our nation of the evil that is Donald J. Trump and his circle of sinners. He is wrong about everything. We must act. We must join together and vote in 2018. Our younger citizens must declare their intentions to seek public office and restore democracy.

Fascist rule is simple, and totalitarian. It prevents freedom of speech, offers the people “alternative facts” which favor those in power. Fascists support secrecy. Trump want to reopen all of our nation’s ‘black sites,’ and re-institute the practice of torturing our suspected enemies, although it has proven a failure in the attempt to extract information.

Think about all of this. Here is the Cambridge Dictionary’s definition of ‘fascism.’

A political system based on a very powerful leader, state control of social and economic life, and extreme pride in country and race, with no expression of political disagreement allowed.”

Let’s break this down. Trump is bullying the Republican Party and ignoring the needs of real Americans, the people. He is attempting to amass all power for the executive branch of government, and eliminate ‘checks and balances.’ Trump is threatening to remove government funds from states and cities who refuse to capitulate to his corrupt and disgraceful proposals. Although ‘make America great again’ is actually a euphemism declaring ‘make America white again,’ it is also a call for blind loyalty. It is designed to increase the arrogance and ignorance of the American people, encouraging them to believe that our nation is always right, and the people of other nations lack importance. Fascism supports white supremacy. It will also require the destruction of the first amendment.

This is a perfect definition of what Trump has begun as the leader of the free world.

Trump will never be accepted as the president for more than one-half of our nation’s people. He is opposed to everything which defines my ‘America.’ He lacks any sense of morality, and views most of the American people as his ‘subjects.

Don’t just read what I and others write; join the revolution. Take your country back. A country is not composed of physical boundaries, an army, or a government; a nation is people. We, the people, have a right to force our government to take positive action for the majority. They must reject totalitarianism, and return America to the people.


By James Turnage


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