Is Punching a 14-Year-Old Girl in the Face Police Brutality, or Will this Become Standard Operating Practice for Law Enforcement?

Police Brutality

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton called for a complete revision of our judicial system. Although Republicans and FOX Noise deny the facts, (what’s new), African Americans receive excessive force and harassment from law enforcement far more frequently than whites. Punishment for crimes committed by poor, low-income, and minority Americans is far more severe than for wealthy Americans.

Trump has unequivocally supported law enforcement in all situations. But what else would a white supremacist do? At his rallies Trump encouraged hatred and violence, and these vile actions are growing in number across the nation. The worst of America are coming out of the shadows now that hate crime is acceptable, and even encouraged by their president.

Anger and hatred have replaced understanding and compassion. Take the case of a 14-year-old girl from St.Paul, Minnesota. Police Officer Michael Soucheray and his partner, Chris Rhoades

were called to take her to a shelter for girls. She appeared to be suicidal and in need of psychiatric care as observed by her teacher. A decision was made not to call paramedics and allow the officers to take her to the shelter. She became agitated; she was handcuffed and informed that she would be dragged to the squad car if she did not cooperate. She went limp. When she was placed in the vehicle, and the officers were attempting to fasten her seat belt, she began jumping up and down on the seat. Then she cleared her throat, and spat on Soucheray. He responded by punching her in the face; then he punched her again. The seven-year veteran then grabbed her by the jaw and called her “f—— b—-,” according to the complaint. Soucheray is facing assault charges which could result in a 90-day jail sentence.

Is this what we are to expect under the Trump administration. Are we becoming such and angry nation that a grown man is unable to control his temper and physically attack a minor?

We know that Trump is the embodiment of a weak temperament; is it now acceptable to attack those weaker than you?

At his rallies Trump was heard telling his supporters to “get him outta here; punch him in the face.” He also bragged about what was done to hecklers in the past when physical violence was acceptable. Is this the new/old, bad America under a Trump regime? Last year American law enforcement shot and killed 963 people; one-quarter of those individuals were afflicted with a debilitating mental condition.

Hate crimes have greatly increased since Trump’s election. The ‘Trump effect’ is vile, dangerous, and in direct opposition to American principles.

Trump is ‘making America violent again.’


By James Turnage


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