Trump to Begin Increasing the Federal Deficit Immediately


Trump’s first promise to his deranged and angry supporters was that he will build a wall between the United States and Mexico to halt his imagined illegal immigration, which is actually at its lowest rate in decades. He also promised that Mexico would pay for the wall.

The White House claims that Trump will order construction of his wall today, which will cost the American people hundreds of billions of dollars; and Mexico will not pay for it.

Another fascist action by Trump will be to reinstate torture at Guantanamo Bay and other ‘black sites’ around the world. Thank you, Trump supporters; you have destroyed democracy in the United States of America, and moved us towards a recession.

It continues to be evident that Trump’s slogan of ‘make America great again,’ is a euphemism for ‘make America white again.’ All of his actions during the first five days are making America worse again. He is destroying democracy, while serving his masters, Vladimir Putin and Robert Mercer.

Anyone who believes that Trump’s wall is a good idea must go back to school. It would fail miserably as those who sought entrance into the U.S. illegally would find another way. Electronic surveillance and more border patrol agents is logical, but Trump and his supporters are not logical. Ignorance and even stupidity are the new norm in the White House.

Another ridiculous move by Trump is to restore waterboarding and other torture into the weaponry against terrorism. It has been proven over and over again that torture does not work. Those being tortured will eventually tell their captors anything to avoid additional physical and mental pain. But Trump knows nothing and is obviously listening to criminals such as Dick Cheney who originated the practice.

I miss President Obama. I miss his intelligence, his concern for the American people, and his carefully considered actions. Trump is a fool, lacks average intelligence, has no concern for 320 American people, and has already made rash decisions which will harm the lives of millions of Americans.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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