Fascism Began in Earnest on Inauguration Day


Six journalists from around the world have been arrested for recording the protests against Donald Trump on his inauguration day. They face a $25,000 fine. This is another effort by Trump to silence the media, and hide the truth. This is the beginning of fascism as Trump continues his efforts to repeal first amendment rights.

These charges are clearly inappropriate, and we are concerned that they could send a chilling message to journalists covering future protests,” said Carlos Lauría, the CPJ’s senior Americas program coordinator. “We call on authorities in Washington to drop these charges immediately.”

The Trump presidency will be shrouded in secrecy. Today he forbade the EPA to make any statements to the press. He is hiding multiple events caused by man’s pollution of the environment, including a recent 5.8 magnitude earthquake in Oklahoma; the largest in the state’s history. A state which suffered virtually no seismic activity in previous history, has now experienced thousands after unrestricted fracking was approved by Governor Mary Fallin, and Attorney General Scott Pruitt. By the way, Pruitt is Trump’s nominee to lead the EPA. Really?

The way we were treated was an absolute travesty,” said Keller, whose cellphone has been kept by the authorities. Keller’s editor, Annabel Park, said: “It is a maddening and frustrating situation. These are people who were there observing and documenting.

When Trump’s press secretary does speak to the American press, his answers and statements are filled with “alternative facts.” Lies and criminal actions will dominate the Trump administration.

The fourth estate failed the American people in the 2016 election, but without a free press fascism will immediately be in control of our nation.

Join the revolution and save your country.


By James Turnage


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