With Trump as President, Can We Trust Anything our Government Tells Us?


One day after Trump’s inauguration, America entered a new era; the era of “alternative facts.” The Trump Administration will tell us what they want us to believe, and the truth will be hidden from the American people.

It didn’t seem like a big deal when Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer made an outrageous statement misrepresenting the minuscule crowd at Trump’s big day. But when spin doctor Kellyanne Conway called his lies ‘alternative facts’ on Meet the Press, she offered a warning regarding Trump’s well established policy of creating his own truth.

Real questions have risen asking if we can trust the Trump administration. For more than two decades the Republican Party lied to the American people as they attempted to ‘tell us what we want,’ while ignoring the polls. Everything Trump told his supporters who attended his angry and hate-filled rallies was a lie. Before he was elected, he denounced Hillary Clinton’s relationship with Goldman-Sachs and Wall Street. He now has 10 former employees of Goldman-Sachs in his circle of sinners. Millionaires and billionaires dominate his list of advisers and his cabinet. He didn’t “clean up the swamp,” he created a “cesspool” filled with the slime which prevents America from ever being a great country.

Will they just make up the facts?” Richard Berk, a professor of statistics and criminology at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, said in a telephone interview Monday. “It sounds like they’re capable of doing that. [And] when there are facts, will they distort what they mean?”

Berk added: “If there is no truth, why should they listen to you or me versus everybody else?”

You can listen to me, and thousands of others like me. We will tell you the truth. I’ve said many times that the adage, “if his lips are moving, he’s lying,” fits Trump perfectly. The mainstream media will serve Trump well, and continue to fail the American people.

Trump continues to claim that millions of illegal men and women voted in the November election. He hates the fact that Hillary Clinton remains the people’s president after crushing him in the popular vote. His weak temperament will not accept criticism or defeat. He constantly strokes his own ego with lies and exaggeration.

A two-word phrase, ‘alternative facts,’ has raised doubt about the veracity of all of Trumps circle of sinners. How can we believe anything they tell us when Trump’s senior adviser indicates that we must accept lies as the truth?

My America is in danger, and we must insure that Trump knows that his presidency is illegitimate, and he is in danger of impeachment every day. He cannot be allowed to believe that he can rule the American people without creating a revolution. That revolution began on Saturday, and continues today.


By James Turnage

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