Leaving the United Nations: Another Rash and Poor Decision by Trump?


The United Nations was established in 1945. It was an effort by the nations of the world, led by the United States, to make the world safer, and place peaceful negotiation in priority to prevent rash military conflicts between countries who had serious disagreements.

One of Trump’s first appointments as president-elect, was to place South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations. Today it is reported by ‘Business Insider’ that a bill has been introduces by Alabama Representative Mike Rogers to terminate our nation’s membership in the United Nations. Trump is expected to approve the legislation.

Messrs Rogers and Trump need to go back to high school and study history. Isolationism is dangerous and extremely foolish. This is an arrogant and idiotic idea from the extreme right. It stems from the fact that the UN favors a two-state solution to the situation between Israel and the Palestinian people. Most of the world’s nations agree that Palestinian statehood is a must. But arrogant and uninformed Republicans will blindly support Israel’s position.

One problem I have with my country is its arrogance. Our politicians, and far too many of our people believe that our nation is always right, and anyone who disagrees with us is wrong. This is the primary reason America has never been the ‘greatest nation in the world.’ That short phrase is destructive and forbids far too many of our nation’s people the ability to recognize the fact that all of the world’s people are one. No nation is better than any other, because nation’s are composed of people. Sadly, they are defined by their governments. All governments are bad; some simply have less evils than others.

The United States must continue to be a leader in the United Nations. We must lead from a position of intelligent thought and well researched decisions. We must not allow your new president to continue his already established pattern of making rash decisions. I knew that he had no ability to lead our nation, and, unfortunately he is proving me to be right.

In many of our nation’s cities frequent protest marches are in the planning stages. Saturday was merely a beginning. Most Americans are refusing to accept a man without morals, without qualifications, and without self-control to be our president.

I doubt if Roger’s bill will pass in congress; it’s simply fool hardy, and has not been well thought out. We need the United Nations as much as they need us. It is a forum for all nations to be heard, and its importance is underestimated because it does not have lethal force at its disposal.

Rogers, Cotton, and others in congress must grow up and learn something about the world and their own nation.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Jason Paris

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