Facts Are Sometimes Difficult to Accept, but the Truth Must Be Told by Someone Who Cares


I have no doubt that this article will be denounced by more people than any other I have ever written. But I have always promised to tell the truth, and inform the American people of the facts about our political system and those who are intended to represent us in Washington. I am also obligated to expose the weakness of our nation which I consider to be uninformed Americans who cast their votes based on fallacious television ads and lies from propaganda machines such as Rush Limbaugh and FOX Noise.

The American people are the least informed and easily influenced people in the world. Proof that this is undeniable is the fact that the most immoral man in our nation is now the President of the United States. Secondary to this fact is the truth that he is the most unqualified candidate in 240 years of American history.

Beyond these truths are the upcoming revelations which will remove Trump from his presidency. I predict that within six months of Trump’s illegitimate presidency, he will be indicted on several charges. He will face ethics violations, criminal charges based upon his very suspicious business ventures, his theft from his own charitable foundation, and multiple charges related to his alleged sexual predatory acts. Trump will be fortunate to survive his first year in office.

Trump is unfit to soil the White House sheets. This is a man who has never accomplished a single instance which positively affected the majority of the American people. His entire life has been a goal to secure personal wealth, egomaniacal satisfaction, and personal gratification. Trump is not a man who sought the presidency to serve the majority of the American people. His ambitions were personal and in direct opposition to the future of our nation and the welfare of the majority of its people.

The arrogance of Trump and his circle of sinners resists the realization that they cannot hide the truth forever. They are members of the wealthy class whose only goal is more wealth. His advisers and nominees for his cabinet are the worst of our nation; those who seek the destruction of our Constitution, and the implementation of a government which secures the future of the one-percent.

Trump’s rhetoric is nothing but lies. He is a white supremacist who believes that only old, white, and wealthy men and women deserve to exist in their distorted vision of America.

Trump will be the first president elected by the Electoral College to be removed from office in the first year of his presidency. This fact will inform all Americans that our election process is flawed, and our government needs drastic reformation.


By James Turnage

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