Who is Mike Pence and Why Should We Fear Him?


When Sarah Palin criticizes another Republican, he or she must be far worse than anyone imagined. She was referring to Mike Pence, your new vice-president, and his involvement in the overrated effort to save ‘Carrier’ jobs in Indiana when she called it “crony capitalism.”

One of the primary reasons Pence accepted Trump’s invitation to be his running mate is the fact that his approval ratings on Indiana had fallen to such a low level that he would not be reelected as the state’s governor. Before Trump moved in front of the microphone in the Carrier plant, Pence stepped forward. He claimed that as governor he attempted to prevent 1,000 jobs from moving to Mexico. He blamed President Obama for their departure. The problem is that union leaders don’t see it that way.

Chuck Jones is the president of the union. He was incensed at Pence’ claim that they saved 1,000 jobs. The reality is that 730 jobs would be staying thanks to over seven million dollars in tax incentives acquired from Indiana taxpayers by Pence, but 550 were still moving to Mexico.

“He did absolutely nothing,” said Jones.

Jones said that he went to the capital last March to meet with Pence, and Pence did nothing but complain about Washington. Jones told Pence that it was all about corporate greed. He then asked him why he failed to respond to his request for a meeting, and Pence claimed that ‘he never received one.’ Pence then promised him a meeting at a later date; it never happened.

“I know he doesn’t like unions,” said Jones. “But this isn’t about unions – it’s about human beings losing their livelihoods.”

When Pence spoke at Trump’s convention last July, he proudly pronounced the following. “I am a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order.”

What Pence is not is an American. As for his religion, he is a hypocrite. He does not believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ. One example of his failure to follow the teachings of his proclaimed ‘savior,’ is the fact that he turned down $80 million dollars in aid from the federal government for pre-K funding; something which Jesus would have favored.

He was the first governor to establish anti-gay laws after the Supreme Court upheld same-sex marriage. Pence signed into law a bill which would allow businesses to refuse their services to the LGBT community based on religious beliefs. After complaints from the business community that the law would cost Indiana millions of dollars in revenue, he reneged on his position.

Legislators who attended a dinner at his home reported regarding his relationship with his wife, and his inability as a host. One Democratic legislator, who was unlucky enough to sit next to Pence, reported an exchange between Pence and his wife, Karen.

Trump continually referred to his wife as “mother.” When the legislators left, they marveled at what they had just seen. Pence was a man who mentally resided in the 50’s when women were required to be subservient to men.

We know nothing about Trump’s health; he never offered a complete review of his physical state; (or his tax returns). He is a 70-year-old man who has never worked an eight hour day in his life. The pressure of the presidency has radically aged every president in my lifetime. His unknown health conditions, and the very real possibility of impeachment for multiple criminal and ethics violations could place Pence in the position of becoming our 46th president.

In many ways, Pence would be worse than Trump. Pence has an agenda which is well thought out, while Trump is just ‘winging it,’ or having his decisions made for him by Robert Mercer and Vladimir Putin.

Either way, the American people lose. Republican control is always bad for the majority.

You can take back your country. Become involved, and do not allow yourself to be bullied.


By James Turnage


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