Trump Takes a Step to Escalate Republican’s War on Women


Last Saturday women around the world protested the illegitimacy of Trump’s presidency. We knew throughout his campaign that Trump was a sexist, and when three tapes revealed his opinion that women were no more than sex objects, it was confirmed. Today, January 23, 2017, Trump exacted a small step to get revenge, and to escalate the Republican Party’s continual war on women.

Trump promised to revoke funding for Planned Parenthood, which provides reproductive health care for millions of low-income and impoverished women. Although his executive action today affects only a small percentage of Planned Parenthood’s work, it is a beginning and surely frightens millions of women.

Trump reinstated the ‘Mexico City Policy.’ This attack on women’s rights was originated by Ronald Reagan in 1984. It prevents any non-governmental organizations from receiving federal funds unless it would neither perform nor actively promote abortion as a method of family planning in other nations.”

This policy was revoked by Bill Clinton, reinstated by George W. Bush, once again revoked by Barrack Obama, and now reinstated once more by Trump.

Clinton offered the defining statement that “these excessively broad anti-abortion conditions are unwarranted,” he wrote in his memorandum.

Bush disagreed in support of the hypocritical Christian religious right.

It is my conviction that taxpayer funds should not be used to pay for abortions or advocate or actively promote abortion, either here or abroad,” Bush’s statement read. “It is therefore my belief that the Mexico City Policy should be restored.”

Republicans continue to deny women their personal rights. They also refuse to guarantee equality in the workplace. If Saturday was any indication, the 2020 election can be easily won by any candidate who acquires the votes of women and millennials. No other demographic will be of importance.

Women a experiencing a new level of independence; rejecting the need for a man to control their daily lives or their future. They are going back to school to finish degrees or to receive their Masters or PhD. More women than men are now enrolled in our colleges and universities.

Millennials have surpassed baby boomers as the largest demographic in America. Although currently they are the least likely demographic to go to the polls, that will all change as they begin careers and realize that the only way to stop corruption and a plutocracy in Washington is to vote for those who will actually represent their needs and desires. Some will choose to run for office themselves, and institute real change in Washington by removing the old, white men who have destroyed our government, and damaged our democracy.

Changes are coming, and the party of special interests which continues to make efforts which would move our nation into the dark past will be remembered only as our nation’s nightmare; Republicans fail to take any positive action for the benefit of the great majority.


By James Turnage


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