Rudy Giuliani Proves my Earlier Premise that Senility is in Full Bloom


I do not like some words; they are simply easy ways of demeaning another human being, and can be hurtful. But sometimes it’s hard. I do not have a problem with my temperament, but every once in a while someone is so ignorant, so stupid, that I almost resort to full-blown name calling.

One person who irks me and brings out the worst is Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani is another old, white, male politician who is a failure. His worship of Donald Trump has been embarrassing as he tries to match spin doctor Kellyanne Conway in his defense of Trump’s lack of intellect and his racist and bigoted beliefs. Giuliani even had the gall to defend his immoral attitude towards women, but then they are both known for being philanderers. “Birds of a feather…”

Today he made one of the most ignorant comments yet in an attempt to vilify the Women’s March on Washington. I guess he couldn’t understand the signs, or the speeches delivered by women who actually had a mastery of the English language.

Appearing on the extremely biased “FOX and Friends,” he made a very idiotic comment.

They do have some real issues, but most of the people I saw in Washington, and even the ones here in New York because I got back in time, I’m not even sure they know what they’re [protesting]. They’re not protesting any one thing. It’s not as if we’re protesting Roe v. Wade.

Of course Giuliani is in denial. He is himself a well-documented misogynist who believes that a woman has a single purpose. The messages were many and very clear. At the core of the protest is the fact that Republicans continue to wage a war on women, and with Trump as president, they fear that the rights they have fought for for 50+ years are endangered.

Giuliani went on to make a dirty old man’s complaint about the traffic problems created by the protest, and continued to play stupid as he pretended that his demagogue, Trump, is not the most hated man in America.

You would think that Giuliani would look at many of the moronic things he did and said in the past year and feel some level of embarrassment. Apparently his senility has advanced way too far.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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