McCain and Graham Offer Additional Reasons why Term Limits Are a Must


None of Trump’s nominees should receive confirmation. However, because congress has no concern about ‘doing the right thing,’ the Republican controlled senate will surely bow to Trump and add additional danger to the future of our nation.

Trump has chosen the least qualified and most immoral men and women in America to be his closest advisers and his cabinet.

All of them offer far too many reasons why they should be rejected, but the worst may be Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson.

Tillerson is the CEO of oil giant Exxon-Mobile. If that isn’t reason enough, he is also a close associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin. They have partnered in oil and gas agreements which will earn Exxon billions of dollars in additional revenue. Putin awarded the highest civilian honor allowed to Tillerson.

Tillerson has absolutely no qualifications to hold such an important post. Add to this fact a guarantee that he will grant Putin favored status, and our nation will be sold to the highest bidder.

One of the most important changes in congress must be term limits. Far too many of the old, white men in our nation’s government have outlived their usefulness, and are out of touch with generations they have long left behind.

Two perfect examples of this fact are the Senator from Arizona, John McCain, and Senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham. They lack the courage, stamina, and integrity to fight for what is right, and what would best benefit the American people. But that does not prevent them from joining the rest of the hypocrites in the Republican Party and offer Trump their homage.

After careful consideration, and much discussion with Mr. Tillerson, we have decided to support his nomination to be Secretary of State,” Mr. McCain and Mr. Graham said in a statement. “Though we still have concerns about his past dealings with the Russian government and President Vladimir Putin, we believe that Mr. Tillerson can be an effective advocate for U.S. interests.”

Really? Tillerson is totally unfit for the position, and anyone who denies that is lying to themselves and to the American people.

Tillerson is a perfect example of the poor choices made by Trump, or should I say for Trump. It has become very obvious that Putin and billionaire Robert Mercer are pulling his strings.


By James Turnage


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