Why the War on Women Will no Longer Be Tolerated


Men are incomplete human beings. Most of us fail to make decisions based upon careful and comprehensive examination of the issues. When we are young, testosterone controls much of the thought process. When we’re older, our minds have been saturated with beliefs which may not be healthy and unbiased. After 70 years on this planet, I have learned that women are superior to men in every way.

I have written thousands of articles for various publications, and several of them have been about the Republican Party’s ‘war on women.’ This is a fact which cannot be denied. It was very disheartening for me to learn that 53 percent of white women voted for a man who objectifies them in November. I do not understand their thought process.

More than ever before our government is under the control of old, white men. Trump is the oldest president ever elected, and he is nothing but a dirty old man who not only objectifies women, he believes he has the right to do anything to them he chooses.

Yesterday crowds of women all over the world stood up and informed the world that they will no longer be ignored, and that their ideals and principles must be the world’s standard.

“A platform of hate and division assumed power yesterday,” actress and activist America Ferrera said of Friday’s inauguration ceremony. “But the president is not America. His cabinet is not America. Congress is not America. We are America, and we are here to stay.”

For the last 20+ years Washington has made an effort to destroy democracy and create an oligarchy where the people serve government. This is the situation today, and the struggle for power has destroyed our government. This group of old, white men and some women who are traitors to their sex, have received notice that change is coming.

One-half million women took control of Washington yesterday; 80,000 in Los Angeles; 10,000 in my small city of Reno, Nevada. Not only did American cities experience protests, they occurred in dozens of cities all over the world.

Women who are concerned for their future and the future of the planet will no longer accept treatment as second class citizens. In America, our colleges and universities are now dominated by women. Enrollment for the ‘fairer sex’ has surpassed that of men in our institutions of higher learning. Women in their 30’s are quitting their unsatisfying and demeaning jobs and returning to either finish their education, or receive Masters degrees and PhD’s. Women who have managed to succeed in their careers are choosing to remain single. Some are making decisions to have children without the benefit of a male partner in their lives. Women are choosing independence, and we men must step aside; they will no longer be denied complete equality at home or in the workplace.

The huge numbers of women who filled the world’s streets yesterday are representative of the future. Men have taken our nation to war and ignored the working class for the majority of the last 240 years. With Trump as your president, this situation will escalate unless we fight back; we are the country.

Get behind the women in your life and take our country back.


By James Turnage


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