Trump Already Committing Ethics Violations


The always arrogant Donald Trump has been in violation of the ethics laws for Presidents of the United States since just after noon on Friday. He has refused to divest himself of his business interests, and therefore has offered himself an advantage in business negotiations with foreign nations.

Trump also has a lease to operate a hotel in the old Post Office building very near to the Capitol Building. The lease specifically prevents any elected official from profiting from the building’s use. Although Trump was not elected by the people, he did receive the presidency from the Electoral College, and is disqualified from operating a business for profit within the facility.

Of course the first request from the “Von-Trump” family is to amend the lease and make an exception for their unscrupulous and immoral patriarch.

I find this reprehensible. Trump has constantly denounced every government agency which offers him any opposition. Why should he be allowed to have his way with every issue? He is not a true American, and refuses to place American interests as his first priority. He and his business are the only reason he sought the presidency. If anyone, even the most loyal Trump supporter believes that he cares about our nation and our people, they are simply in denial.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington has already filed a complaint. The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a Freedom of Information Act to obtain all documents pertinent to the lease agreement with your president.

We know from his past that any business success by Trump’s companies have been controversial to say the least. He has admitted to bribing public officials in the past, and has partnered with several disreputable companies whose business practices are not without question.

Donald Trump has been called a lot of things, but ‘honest,’ or a ‘man of integrity’ are not among them.

We have our first “Criminal in Chief” defiling the White House.

Come back Barrack and Michelle Obama; we already miss you.


By James Turnage


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