Trump Relied on Lies and Unethical Campaign Practices


An agency which supplies ‘extras’ for film and television confirmed that the Trump campaign hired hundreds of actors to attend his rallies early in the campaign. They were paid to cheer wildly at Trump’s lies. His outrageous rhetoric, and racial hatred were accepted as the truth, when in fact after his election, Trump reneged on nearly every campaign promise. His ‘campaign manager,’ Kellyanne Conway, admitted that ‘they were only campaign promises, he didn’t mean them.’

This is Donald Trump; your president.

One thing I have learned is that anything reported about Trump is the truth. He is a criminal, a sexist, and a white supremacist. What he isn’t, is what he claims to be. He is not a successful business man; he is hundreds of million of dollars in debt, and has declared bankruptcy at least four times. Trump has never contributed one dollar to a charity, but has taken credit for the same, and stolen from his own. Trump is not devoted to his wife, he was guilty of philandering immediately after their wedding day. When Trump claims to be ‘smart,’ he is telling the greatest lie of all. He is a ‘huckster;’ a con-man.

Trump cannot lead our nation; and he actually has no desire to do so. His goals are all related to satisfying his personal wants and desires. He will not be an ‘American president,’ he will serve Vladimir Putin and Robert Mercer; men who can help him increase his personal wealth.

The only question which remains is ‘will Republicans have the patriotism and courage to impeach their president?’ When he took the oath of office yesterday, which was another lie, he had not divested himself from ties with his foreign business interests, which is already an ethics violation.


By James Turnage

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