Politicians and Mainstream Media Attempting to Make the American People Accept a Sham


Yesterday actually happened. Yesterday America was forced to face the truth that a man who is unqualified to operate a lemonade stand was sworn in as the President of the United States and the leader of the free world. A man who seeks vengeance against anyone who criticizes him and lacks basic intelligence is now defiling the White House.

The media kept saying that ‘we don’t know what Donald Trump will do.’ Really? They covered Trump five-times more than all other candidates combined. They can read about Trump’s selection of advisers and nominees, and know that his choices oppose the principles of the people of the United States. It’s obvious that he is a fascist; his first efforts have been to silence the press and suppress the most patriotic action available to most Americans; protesting prejudice and injustice. The media established the lowest standards possible during the campaign season for the least qualified man in history, while demanding perfection from Hillary Clinton. Trump will not be a ‘normal president,’ because he is not a normal man with a normal mind or a sense of morality and honesty.

Here’s the truth; and I’m asking this honestly. If when you went to your polling place, and you had been informed by the media that one of the candidates was a white supremacist, an Islamophobe, a homphobe, a sexual predator, had engaged in criminal activity, was a philanderer, and had a temperament so weak that he must not be allowed to possess the nuclear codes, would you have voted for him? Republican politicians and the media failed the American people by presenting them with the right to maintain a state of denial. Facts are facts, unless they are presented by the media who either spin them or simply ignore them.

I used to begin every day watching “CBS This Morning” with Charlie Rose, Norah O’Donnell, and Gail King. They followed my local news. Beginning on November 9th, I refused to watch any news program; and I have kept that promise to myself. I reject the fact that television ‘news’ is biased and fails to inform; it now attempts to influence. The fourth estate no longer exists.

Now that Trump has been sworn in, the GOP and the media once again expect the American people to accept Trump as a legitimate president. We all know the truth about this deplorable human being. His speech yesterday continued to present the American people with lies and was an attempt to mislead the majority. Trump’s agenda will not benefit the working class, or aid impoverished Americans. Trump refuses to separate himself from his business because he plans to use the presidency to increase his personal wealth, and the wealth of his cabinet and advisers. He does not care about you or me.

If you choose to believe the press or the hypocritical Republican Party, you will soon learn the truth; it cannot be hidden forever; Trump is a fascist and a loser, and he will take us all down with him.


By James Turnage


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