Hatred and Violence Create more Hatred and Violence


Throughout Donald Trump’s campaign, hatred and violence were encouraged by the failed businessman. His rallies were nothing more than an opportunity for Trump to have his ego stroked as he used vile rhetoric to ramp up enthusiasm.

I deplore hatred and violence. I never spanked my children, or physically attacked another human being. I believe in understanding, sympathy, forgiveness and compassion. However, when an individual encourages these horrendous beliefs and actions, others will follow that example. This fact was represented on the streets of Washington yesterday during Trump’s inaugural celebration. Some misguided protesters damaged businesses and one limousine. But that wasn’t the only response to Trump’s beliefs.

Richard Spencer is a spokesman for the white nationalist movement who was in Washington supporting his leader, Donald Trump. He was celebrating the fact that Trump, Bannon, Mercer, Sessions, and others are now in control of the nation’s government. White supremacists preach hatred and violence, so it wasn’t surprising that he was attacked by someone who rejected his immoral beliefs.

He came out of nowhere, sucker-punched me,” Spencer said. “It’s a bad scene.”

Spencer said he feared this would become “the meme to end all memes,” but that no one should worry. “I can take a punch,” he said.

The inauguration, he said, is too intense.

I don’t know what exactly I’m going to do now that I’m a target,” he said. “I don’t know if I need a full-time bodyguard or what.”

Was Spencer whining? He promotes what just happened to him. We are facing a new nation; a nation where protesting will be the norm. Will hatred and violence be included? I sincerely hope not, but with a president who encourages such actions, I fear the worst.

I am 70-years-old. I grew up in a nation based on tolerance, understanding and compassion. I know there was an enormous amount of racism; primarily in the south. I was raised in Los Angeles, but was stationed in Texas and Mississippi in the early 1960’s and witnessed the hatred of whites for blacks. I found it reprehensible. This was not the America which raised me and gave me my core values.

The fallacy is that race relations have improved in the last 50 years. The truth is that these men and women have been hiding in the shadows, waiting for a leader to bring them forward into the light. With Trump as their president, hate crimes are on the rise. Our nation will be worse than in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Freedom marches will begin again as hundreds of thousands of real Americans will rally against our illegitimate president and his circle of sinners.

Stand up, my fellow Americans; take your nation back. Trump and his cronies do not deserve our America.


By James Turnage


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