Is This the Last Day my America Will Exist?


When my wife and I woke up on November 9th, we were very quiet. Like most of America, we were in shock. It was virtually impossible for us to believe that enough uninformed, and unpatriotic Americans had gifted Trump with the Electoral College. The fact that Hillary Clinton did not win was very sad, but secondary to the realization that the president-elect was the most immoral man in America, and totally unqualified to lead our nation.

I didn’t want to believe that a man who supported white supremacy, hated Hispanics, Muslims, and viewed women as sexual objects would be allowed to reside in the White House. Trump’s proposals will replace our current oligarchy with a plutocracy. A plutocracy cannot exist without fascist rule.

Trump has already ignored 240 years of tradition, and is acting in a manner which indicates his disdain for America and our nation’s people.

Tomorrow Trump will take the oath of office, surrounded by the smallest crowd of supporters in decades. He will lie with his hand on the bible. Trump will promise to ‘protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,’ but he will not commit to the words he speaks. He seeks the destruction of the first and fourteenth amendments. Trump will not represent all of our nation’s people; he will be the president of the rich and white.

Tomorrow the Republican Party will have absolute power in Washington. Their devotion to the one-percent will destroy the lives of most Americans. Personal freedom will be but a memory, and thousand will die in the next couple of years when their healthcare is taken away. Tomorrow my America will no longer exist. Trump supporters will have what they voted for; America’s first fuhrer.

Progressive Democrats and Independents who support a more liberal slant in government have reported a dramatic increase in their stress levels. These two groups tend to be more informed regarding politics and the events occurring in Washington. They are more involved and tend to vote on the issues rather than emotions or personalities.

For example; uninformed Americans are not concerned about Trump’s questionable appointments and nominations for his circle of sinners. He is surrounding himself with the worst of America who collectively have a single ambition; to enhance their personal wealth.

Trump has not selected a single idealist; a forward thinking individual. His cabinet nominees are composed primarily of old, rich, white men.

Tomorrow I will be in mourning; mourning for my country; the country of our founding fathers. For the first time in my life, my America will be without a legitimate president.


By James Turnage


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