A Bitch is a Bitch, and Kellyanne Conway is a Hypocritical Bitch


This is not about a woman, it is about a failure to the American way of life, and a traitor to the American people. During the primary season, Kellyanne Conway was designated by Robert Mercer to assist in the election of American traitor Ted Cruz. She denounced Donald Trump for his immorality, including his failure to reveal his tax returns, and his lack of qualifications. When Mercer agreed to finance Trump’s failing campaign after Cruz could not capture the support of Republican voters, he moved his finances to Trump’s campaign and ordered the ‘orange man’ to accept Conway as his campaign manager, and Steve Bannon as his CEO.

Although she was labeled as ‘campaign manager,’ she was actually hired as Trump’s spin doctor; and he kept Conway very busy. If his lips were moving, he was lying, and it was Conway’s job to twist his words into a facsimile of the truth. She was allowed to use her tactics by the mainstream media, and refuse to respond directly to questions and talk about her issues; ignoring the truth.

The media allowed Trump and his cronies to campaign; they were not required to answer questions.

Samantha Bee became a well-know political satirist on John Stewart’s ‘the Daily Show.’ She now has her own show called ‘Full Frontal.’

Because Ms. Bee is on cable, she is not forced to sugar coat the facts, and tell the absolute truth. Tuesday night’s offering was dedicated to Trump and his relationship with Conway; (we’re not talking about an intimate relationship, Trump does not consider Conway a “10,” and he will never grab her crotch). She accurately dismantled Trump and his immoral and fallacious campaign, but the focus was really on Conway.

She asked a viable question; why isn’t Conway the president instead of Trump.

Why the hell is he president instead of her?” Bee wondered. “Kellyanne is the soulless, Machiavellian despot America deserves!” Her advice to Conway? “Lean in, bitch!”

You can read many more of Ms. Bee’s hilarious quips on the attached link.

To speak seriously, Conway exemplifies all that is wrong with American politics. She is an opportunist and a hypocrite. She lacks principle and a code of ethics. Her only goal is personal advancement.

For men and women who have a sense of morality, including myself, it is impossible to trash one person, and then later tell the media that he is her god. You will never hear the truth from Conway, although it is impossible for anyone with a career in politics not to know that Trump has no morals, and is totally unqualified to be our president.

It is fitting that Trump is keeping Conway on his staff; she fits well into his circle of sinners.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Renegade98

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