DeVos is one of Many Corrupted Trump Nominees


Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Education is multi-billionaire; Betsy DeVos. She fails to possess a single qualification for the position; she and her children all attended private schools. She and her husband have been forced to pay multiple fines for illegal campaign contributions. They have more than 250 business holdings, who all mysteriously have a single physical address. She is one of many corrupt nominees who occupy the cesspool, known by me as Trump’s ‘circle of sinners.’

As she testified at her hearing before the Senate, she lied, and Senator Al Franken called her out. She claimed that college tuition costs had risen over 900 percent during the real President’s eight years in office, while the percentage is just over 100 percent.

DeVos also adopted Trump’s failed tactics of either failing to answer a direct question, or simply spinning her answers. She refused to answer Democrat’s questions regarding guns on school grounds. She also failed to offer her opinion regarding President Obama’s policy regarding sexual assault on college campuses. DeVos also refused to answer Senator Bernie Sanders’ proposal for free college tuition by simply calling it “interesting.”

Once again, and I know you are tired of me saying it, but you are judged by the company you keep. Trump has surrounded himself with the worst of the worst; many of whom are billionaires. He has included ten former employees of Goldman-Sachs, the Wall Street giant he denounced during his campaign. Those appointed to the Department of Labor, the Head of the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Secretary of Health and Human Services are all opposed to the agencies they will now lead, and to their policies. All have questionable relationships to campaign contributions and suspicious business practices. This is Trump’s circle of sinners.

The Republican Party has always been the party of the wealthiest Americans, and now Trump’s administration will contain these very individuals; those men and women who destroyed our Democracy, and created income inequality.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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