Why did Martin Luther King III Allow Trump to Make him his Bitch?


No one wants to tell the truth; Trump is a white supremacist. A man is judged by his associates, and at least three of his circle of sinners are affirmed white nationalists. Yesterday, as most of our nation celebrated Martin Luther King’s birthday, (with the exception of several southern states and Arizona), Trump made a futile and falacious attempt to display his concern for African Americans; of course this occurred at Trump’s golden tower, where black men and women are only allowed as servants.

Martin Luther King III was invited to discuss voting rights issues; although I am positive it was a ruse.

After the meeting, MLK III called the meeting “constructive,” and issued the following statement.

It is very clear that the system is not working at its maximum” when it comes to voter participant, he said, and Trump said repeatedly “that he is going to represent all Americans… I believe that’s his intent. I believe we have to consistently engage with pressure, public pressure. It doesn’t happen automatically, my father and his team understood that, did that.”

While this was occurring, Trump continued to attack his father’s friend and associate, Representative John Lewis with his infamous tweets.

Mr. Lewis had the nerve to tell the truth, and Trump can’t handle the truth. He claimed that Trump is not a ‘legitimately elected president.’ He also said that he would not be attending the inauguration.

The result of Trump’s attacks is that at least 35 other congressmen have stated that they will not attend. This is the first time since the second inauguration of Richard Nixon that Washington politicians have boycotted the event.

In my own insignificant way, I will be doing the same. I have enjoyed the spectacle on television since Eisenhower’s second inauguration, but I will not be watching this year. Trump will never be my president. For me, it is not only the fact that he was aided by several sources on November 8th, it is the fact that I cannot accept a man who is a criminal, and has absolutely no morals. A man who objectifies women, and lies constantly to the American people does not deserve to live in the White House.

The media continues to refer to Trump’s election as ‘interesting.’ They are fearful to call it what it is; a disreputable, and dishonest administration, who can literally be called a ‘circle of sinners.’


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore

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