Will Putin Reveal His Close Ties with Trump?


When I awoke this morning, I had a very funny thought. Now that it has been proven that Putin attempted to interfere in our election, what if a remarkable event occurred; an event which would totally disrupt our government?

Putin, Trump, and his circle of sinners continue to deny that Trump helped to change the outcome of the election. What would happen if Putin announced to the world that he did it; that he hacked our election to aid in Trump’s Electoral College win. And, what if his announcement occurred on Thursday, January 19th. If he confirmed the “Golden Showers Dossier,” where alleged proof is contained that Trump engaged in not only disgusting sex, but also illegal business actions, would the inauguration actually happen on Friday? If he is sworn in, will impeachment proceedings begin on Saturday the 21st?

If Putin’s real intent is to disrupt our political system, this could be a nation-changing event. He would have pulled off the greatest joke on our nation possible. He is probably still laughing at what a fool he made of our nation and its uninformed voters.

What would hypocrites and failed leaders such as Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan do and say? Kellyanne Conway could not be able to spin such a destructive statement by Russia’s president.

It would create complete chaos.

The media, who continue to call Trump’s campaign and actions as the president-elect, ‘unusual,’ and ‘unprecedented,’ would fall flat on their faces. The American people would see how they failed us for the last 20 months.

If this happened, I would love to listen to Trump’s inauguration speech. It would consist of lies, attacks, and disclaimers. He could have a heart attack on the dais. He has never submitted comprehensive medical records or his tax returns.

Oh well; it was just a thought, and it was cathartic. It took my mind away from constant fears of an illegitimate Trump presidency.


By James Turnage

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