Question for Republicans: Why do you Hate America?

New Republican Logo

For the last 40 years, being a Republican has a new mandate. If you are a GOP politician, you must support the party first, even if your decision is harmful to our nation and to the American people. Elections are your first priority. When a Republican president makes a decision, it must be blindly supported. This is how we invaded the sovereign nation of Iraq under false pretenses and destabilized the region.

If you vote for any Republican candidate, you are gifting this individual with the right to ignore you and your family and make decisions in Washington which will benefit himself and his party, while often damaging our nation’s future, and the future of those you love.

Here’s what is happening at this very moment in Washington. Hearings in the Senate are underway for Trump’s nominees. Not one of them is qualified for the position they seek. In addition, several oppose the very department they will lead. There is a severe conflict of interest, and serious questions regarding ethics and morality. Republicans are unanimous in their support for Trump’s nominees. They have no concern about the danger these men and women offer to the American people’s quality of life.

Two of these men are despicable human beings who have no right to serve in our nation’s government at any level; Jeff Sessions, and Rex Tillerson.

Sessions is a senator from Alabama. His 40 years in politics reveal his failed record regarding minorities, women, and immigrants. During his hearings for Attorney General, he is claiming that he has changed. Really? Republicans support him unanimously, regardless of the danger he presents to most Americans. Democrats do not.

As the CEO for Exxon-Mobile, Tillerson has negotiated drilling rights around the world. His largest holdings are in Russia. However, he is not allowed to drill in that nation because of sanctions imposed by a real President; Barrack Obama. Adding to his business ties with Vladimir Putin, he has established a close personal relationship. He is Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State. Does this suggest a conflict of interests? Damn right.

The biggest hypocrite of all is Trump himself. During the campaign he denounced Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, and others for their close ties with Goldman-Sachs. His last 10 nominees are former Goldman-Sachs employees.

Republicans hate the American people. Profit before people has been their slogan for decades. America is no longer a country, it is a business. People are of no concern to GOP politicians. They will repeal your healthcare; eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood which will greatly harm millions of low-income and impoverished women; they will give additional tax breaks to the one-percent, increasing income inequality. Every policy of the Trump administration will focus on increasing the wealth of the super-rich, and ignore the great majority of our nations people; they hate us.

If you voted for Trump, you too hate America.


By James Turnage

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