Arrogant American Government Distrusts Foreign Reports of Trump’s Immoral History


I consider myself a patriot. I have loved our nation’s diverse people for all of my life. But one thing which bothered me for 50 years is the arrogance of our government and its agencies. They believe that they know more and are wiser than all other nation’s in the world. The truth is that because American politics has been corrupted for decades, we have the worst leaders, and therefore the least informed people in the world.

Now there are two reports of Trump’s long-time ties with Russia and Vladimir Putin. They contain allegations of bribes for personal gain, and lascivious and disgusting immoral acts by your president-elect.

I have always referred to Trump as a liar and the most immoral man in the world; I believe that my accusations have now been confirmed. Eighteen months ago I stated that if the American people lost their collective mind and elected the “orange man,” the scrutiny demanded of a president would reveal many more immoral and criminal actions committed by Donald Trump. The media never mentioned what they knew, but I did.

I have claimed that Trump became a Russian asset in 2011. This is soon to be revealed as a fact. More importantly, Trump has claimed that he never met Vladimir Putin, but we now know that they have had a close relationship for many years.

A former British spy, who was highly respected, was hired to reveal Trump’s involvement with prostitutes, and real estate bribes which were directly connected to Russian intelligence and their efforts to gain knowledge of the Democratic Party’s inner workings.

National Intelligence leader James Clapper neither confirmed or denied the reports, but shared the intelligence with all national security agencies.

Whether this is all factual; partly factual; or remains nothing more than allegation and insinuation, it will follow Trump into his presidency. Previous allegations during the campaign appear far more credible, even to the mainstream media. To summarize your president-elect, he is a criminal, and nothing more than a ‘dirty old man.’

The American government prides itself with having the best security services in the world, but is that a fact? The answer is a resounding “no.” Our government fails because politics precedes the truth, and Trumps circle of sinners have been gambling on that fact. The American people have been lied to for far too long. Anyone who claims to be a Republican and supports Trump is a hypocrite and has a single ambition; the ugly label of “professional politician.” Why work for a living when you can do absolutely nothing and become a millionaire thanks to lobbyists?

Trump is one of the worst people in the world, and the most immoral man in America. Those of you who voted for him must retake your IQ tests; you have failed; and you have failed those you love.

In just eight days our nation will likely inaugurate the most controversial president in history. We will be enslaved by a man who is a plutocrat and a puppet. His strings will be in the hands of Robert Mercer and Vladimir Putin.


By James Turnage


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