Kellyanne Conway was Outmatched by Seth Meyers


I have watched interviewers question Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway for months. Whether it is Charlie Rose, Norah O’Donnell, or even Rachel Maddow, they allow her to avoid answering direct questions and spin the facts. Last night on Seth Meyers’ Late Night show, Mr. Meyers did not allow her to use the same tactics she employed with others.

Although Meyers did not get complete answers from Conway regarding several issues, he did not let her ramble on with her agenda, and stated the fact that she was not answering direct questions. The spin doctor was foiled.

Today Trump has promised to hold his first press conference. It has been more than two months since the election, and this is the first time he will address all of the American people. When Meyers asked Conway why it took so long, she replied that Trump had been very busy. Meyers’ quick retort was to mention his meeting with Kanye West. I would also like to point to his waste of time during his victory tour. The truth is that he does not want to answer the tough questions some of the press will offer.

Trump has been consistent in the fact that he knows nothing, and has no plan for the betterment of America. Conway was unable to give specifics regarding Trump’s agenda in the first 100 days with the exception of improving the VA.

Listening to Conway and Trump, I often wonder who is pulling the strings of Trump’s transition team. It’s not Trump; he’s just not smart enough. Is it Putin? Is it Robert Mercer? Or is it both of them?

One thing all of America is sure of is that the Trump administration will be the least transparent in history. The operations conducted by Trump and his circle of sinners will be shrouded in secrecy. Another fact the media is not discussing is that Trump has no plan to refrain from partaking in his business ventures. His lawyers revealed this information before his press conference today.

The strangest thing of all is that Trump and his circle of sinners do not agree on many issues, and have not discussed others among themselves. Reince Priebus and Conway claimed that he would remove himself from his business interests during his term in the Oval Office. Trump refuses to act in an honest fashion and place our nation’s people in priority above his financial dealings.

What we have here is a failure to communicate.”

Trump’s entire cabinet, his advisers, and his personal lack of knowledge and ability would be hilarious with one exception; this buffoon will have the nuclear launch codes in just nine days. Will the world exist ten days from now?


By James Turnage


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