Trump Will be Known as the “Revenge President”


Trump has the weakest temperament of any elected official in American history. He is unable to take criticism; large or small. The truth escapes him, and he hates facts. It has been 62 days since the election, and Trump has done nothing to prepare himself for the office of the president. What he has done it take revenge on some of his detractors.

It began with a victory tour. He held rallies, but only in states which supported him. They were intended to demean Hillary’s huge victory in the popular vote, as he lied to his supporters, claiming to have received a “mandate.”

Next came Mitt Romney. Trump lied once again, claiming that he was considering one of his biggest naysayers for Secretary of State. After pictures of sharing a dinner in Trump Tower, it was obvious that Trump’s real intention was to embarrass and belittle Romney. Romney became a hypocrite when he literally begged for the position, and was eventually denied the post.

Trump’s latest target is Ohio Governor John Kasich. Kasich was the only passenger in the clown car who stayed true to his principles and refused to engage in ‘mudslinging’ during the debates. He denounced Trump as an immoral and unqualified candidate from day one, and refused to join other Republican hypocrites who changed their positions 180 degrees.

Trump became personally involved in elections within the Ohio State GOP Central Committee. He called many of the 66 member group and urged them to remove their support from Kasich’s choice for its leadership, and support his opposition. Matt Borges narrowly lost to Jane Timken on Friday. Trump had his revenge.

“At first I thought it was a fake phone call,” Cincinnati-area committee member Greg Simpson told “Then all of the sudden, he’s talking to me.”

Trump is a bad joke, and the American people will pay the price. This is unheard of. For 19 months I have been talking about Trump’s weak temperament, but it’s worse than I thought. This is a man whose ego far outweighs his intellect, which appears to be below average.

Trump will never have my respect or my loyalty. I expect more from the person who lives in the White House. He has no morals, and is simply not smart enough to lead our nation and the free world. Trump will never be my president.


By James Turnage


Photo Courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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