Mitch McConnell Epitomizes Everything That is Wrong in Washington


There has never been a more corrupt politician in Washington than Mitch McConnell. He has never been concerned with the residents of Kentucky, or the people of the United States. He has placed his personal ambitions and the success of his party ahead of the nation for his entire career.

Republicans, led by McConnell, are attempting to hurry hearings for Trump’s cabinet nominees. If he cared about our nation, he would ensure that the process is comprehensive and transparent. Several of Trump’s nominees have business interests which could be a conflict of interest. In addition, the ethics board has not received information from all of the nominees. In some situations tax returns are mandatory, and these have not been delivered to the committee.

Never in modern history have such a large number of cabinet nominees been so controversial. They are millionaires and billionaires who not only have no experience in government, they have opposed the very departments they are now expected to lead.

The two most controversial nominees, and arguably the two most important cabinet positions are Attorney General, and Secretary of State.

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions is Trump’s nominee for Attorney General. This individual is the foremost representative of law enforcement in the nation. It is his or her responsibility to ensure that the judicial system concurs with the Constitutional rights of all Americans. It is extremely doubtful that Sessions would fit the job description.

Thirty years ago Sessions attended hearings intended to reveal his qualifications to become a federal judge. He was not confirmed after multiple accusations of racism were disclosed. His history regarding minorities have offered concerns of white supremacy similar to Steve Bannon and Trump himself. Democrats are fearful that he would not support the rights of blacks and Hispanics.

But McConnell, again in support of party rather than people, fully supports Sessions.

Rex Tillerson is presently the CEO of Exxon-Mobile. He has several ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin; personally and professionally. He is engaged in several agreements related to oil and gas wells with the former strong man for the KGB. Tillerson is Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State, although he has absolutely no experience; no qualifications.

As expected, McConnell has once again bowed to the man he once denounced and is fully supportive of Tillerson.

Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, has announced that Democrats will stand together in opposition to several of the nominees. He has also stated that Democrats may follow the example of Mitch McConnell and just say “no” to Republican efforts to undo all of the gains for the middle class accomplished by President Obama.

In true hypocritical fashion, McConnell told Schumer to “grow up.”


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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