Even FOX Noise is Embarrassed by Sean Hannity


Throughout Trump’s campaign the token moron on FOX Noise, Sean Hannity, worshiped at the feet of the presidential wannabee. He continues to denounce Trump’s critics, and support his lie that Russia was not involved in an attempt to secure the election for Trump.

First of all, let me state one undeniable fact which you will never hear from the mainstream media; Trump has a close relationship with Vladimir Putin which began in 2011. The plan to defeat Hillary Clinton began more than five years ago. You can read the full account on the ‘Mother Jones’ website.

It is difficult to decide which of Trump’s supporters is the most deplorable. Between Hannity, Gingrich, Giuliani, Ryan, McConnell, and others, the competition is very close.

Hannity has been criticized frequently by MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough on “Morning Joe.” He has frequently pointed to Hannity’s blind support for the most unqualified man ever to seek the presidency. Most recently Scarborough spoke about Hannity’s ignorant response to a tweet. He agreed with a tweet which called upon America to “make Russia great again.”

Scarborough was suggesting that real journalists take caution regarding the unclassified information pertaining to Russia’s hacking during the election.

It’s not like we are Sean Hannity going out tweeting ‘God bless Russia’ or whatever he tweeted yesterday,” he joked.

With an action similar to his fuhrer, Hannity responded with a flood of tweets which were simply personal attacks.

This is what we can expect for the next four long, long years. Intelligent communication will be replaced with ignorant tweets filled with nonsense.

Trump is Putin’s puppet. Our nation will no longer be a democracy. The majority of the American people will be considered ‘subjects’ by Trump and his circle of sinners.

One final note: Trump has proven that he has no loyalty to his most deranged supporters. Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani, and Sean Hannity are not included in Trump’s list of advisers or his cabinet. Personally, I’m grateful. All three are a disgrace to my America, but looking at his choices, I may be wrong. Trump has selected the worst of America as his circle of sinners.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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