Trump’s Circle of Sinners: A Short List


Every man must be judged by the ‘company he keeps.’ In the case of Donald Trump, the men and women he associates himself with can be truthfully labeled a ‘circle of sinners.’

We must begin with Trump himself. Millions of ignorant men and women who call themselves Americans voted for the most immoral and depraved man in our nation. Beyond the fact that he is the most unqualified presidential candidate in history, he is also a man who deserves no respect from the American people. His criminal actions regarding his business; his pilfering from his own charity; his opinion of women and their singular value in society; and accusations by more than a dozen women of sexual assault make him unfit to be the president.

Next, we must discuss his vice-president, Mike Pence. He is the a religious extremist who places his religion ahead of our nation and its people. His homophobic beliefs center around the diebunked suggestion that “conversion therapy” can make homosexuals become heterosexuals. This has been mocked by all psychiatrists in America.

Former RNC Chairman Reince Priebus is now the White House Chief of Staff. He not only failed his party for ten years, he is now the greatest hypocrite since Benedict Arnold. He made every effort possible to end Trump’s ambitions, and when all of them failed, he now supports a man who cannot be labeled a Republican.

Steve Bannon was the chief of staff for the extreme right wing rag ‘Breitbart.’ Breitbart supports white supremacy, homophobia, Islamophobia, misogyny, antisemitism, and the deportation of all Hispanics. Bannon is a member of Alt-Right, a white supremacist group. Republicans are attempting to spin the purpose of this demonic organization, but the truth is that they seek a return to the America of the 1950’s. He is now Trump’s chief adviser.

Trump’s nominee for Attorney General is Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions. Sessions was denied a federal judgeship 30 years ago when multiple charges of racism arose at his hearing. He is a white supremacist who likely has a white, hooded garment in his closet. He is not only unqualified, his prejudice denies him the highest legal office in the land.

Rex Tillerson is the president of Exxon-Mobile oil. Like Trump, he is a close friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He has frequently signed agreements with other nations to produce oil and gas which were directly opposed to the welfare of the United States. He is Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State.

Andrew F. Puzder is Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Labor. His title will be changed to ‘Working Man’s Fuhrer.’ He hates his employees who work at Hardees and Carl’s Jr. He was a donor to Trump’s campaign, and opposes any minimum wage. ‘Puz’ has frequently stated that he would prefer to replace his employees with robots.

Scott Pruitt has been chosen to head the Environmental Protection Agency. As the Attorney General of Oklahoma, his entire career has been involved with the support of oil and gas companies and battles with the EPA over pollution. He will now be in a position to suggest the elimination of the department.

John F. Kelly is a retired general. He has been selected to lead Homeland Security. He constantly re-tweets fake news stories if they support his prejudiced point of view. He is a hater of the Obamas, and a believer in banning all Muslims from the U.S. and deporting nearly 12 million undocumented workers.

Trump’s choice for Education Secretary is Betsy DeVos. DeVos’ only qualification for the position is that the billionaire was a donor to his campaign. She and her children all attended private schools. She opposes the entire educational system America uses today. She will stress ‘vouchers’ in support of private and charter schools.

I will attach my source below if you choose to research other members of Trump’s circle of sinners. It is obvious that his plan is to destroy the United States of America, and replace it with his own fascist government which will support a plutocracy. Billionaires dominate this circle of sinners, and there is more diversity at a KKK gathering.


By James Turnage


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