Since his election, we have all witnessed a single truth about Donald Trump; everything he promised his supporters was a lie. He vehemently attacked Hillary Clinton for her Wall Street connections. He promised to ’empty the swamp,’ but now he has added a cesspool of greedy men and women who were to blame for the housing collapse in 2008.

Trump’s circle of sinners is dominated by Wall Street insiders; could another recession, or even a depression be coming over the horizon in the very near future? His latest nominee is another Wall Street insider; Jay Clayton would be the chairman of the Security and Exchange Commission. Why is this another questionable nomination? He would be in charge of policing the very people with whom he worked with and for.

Trump never disappoints me. Whatever deplorable and baseless act he commits, I know something worse will follow. He is the worst thing that ever happened to our nation and the world. It took a real president, Barrack Obama, to undo the damage of eight years of a Republican presidency, and Trump will attempt to destroy it in his first year.

Under Trump, our nation has no future. He has already begun fascist tactics. He refuses to hold press conferences which would inform the American people of his plans. He has placed the worst of America in powerful positions which could destroy the very fabric of democracy. Trump has aligned himself with a former KGB leader, whose plan to destroy America is in progress. White supremacists are celebrating throughout our nation and have come out of the shadows to support their leader.

If you mistakenly believe that I am overstating the dangers of a Trump presidency, you are embracing your ignorance. He will repeal the first amendment, and place dirty old white men in power. His goal is to increase his wealth at the expense of the 99 percent of Americans.

Will you raise your right arm and shout: “Heil Trump?” I won’t.


By James Turnage


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