Trump Engages in Business Deals Which Conflict with his Presidency


Donald Trump has never told the truth in his life. He lied to his supporters with campaign promises he never intended to keep. He lied to the American people about his business ventures which remain very suspicious. He lied when he claimed not to have sexually assaulted women in his life. He lied when he promised not to engage in business deals after his election.

Copper mining has become an extremely lucrative business. Copper is used in everything electric or electronic. The largest copper mining company in the world is FCX_Freeport-McMoRan. The Grasberg Mine in Indonesia is operated by FCX. The mine employs more than 19,000 men, and the pit is large enough to be seen from space. Donald Trump has just selected an executive of FCX as an unpaid adviser.

FCX pays more taxes in Indonesia than all other entities combined. Yesterday, Donald Trump’s company was granted a license to build resorts and golf courses in Indonesia. Trump said that he would ‘clean out the swamp;’ it appears that he is creating a cesspool with his family in the middle.

Hary Tanoesoedibjo is Trump’s business partner in Indonesia; he is planning to run for the nation’s presidency. In addition, Trump’s adviser regarding regulatory issues, Carl C. Icahn, is a major shareholder in the mine. Something is “rotten in Denmark here,” and it ain’t the cheese.

Has Trump’s plan all along been to further his influence by granting presidential favors to nations in which he actively seeks business interests? His selection of advisers and cabinet members speaks to a resounding “yes.”

Trump has no interest in the welfare of 320 American citizens. His concern is financial gain, and the nurturing of his ego.

Last evening House Republicans voted to eliminate the independent ethics committee. Trump is crying foul; Kellyanne Conway is in favor of the change. But is Trump being honest about his opinion? I sincerely doubt it. Regardless, the furor from some mainstream Republicans, Democrats, Trump, and the media has forced this group of extremist Republicans to withdraw their effort and leave standing the independent ethics board. Trump actually had no concern; he is not a member of congress.

This is what we are likely to expect in 2017. Any legislation which benefits Trump directly will receive top priority. The goal is to make himself, Vladimir Putin, Robert Mercer, and his advisers and cabinet members more wealthy. To hell with the working class, the environment, the impoverished, women, minorities, and the LGBT community; this is a white man’s administration, and only wealthy white men are allowed to join Trump’s circle of sinners.


By James Turnage


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