Republicans Poised to Support the One-Percent, Destroy the Middle Class, and Weaken the Working Class


Thanks to ignorant voters, those who call themselves Americans, ‘Republicans’ have everything their hearts desired. They have an immoral president, a useless and unqualified House and Senate, and soon the domination of a divided Supreme Court. They plan to force their extremist agenda on the great majority; reduce taxes for the one-percent, and move our nation back into a recession. This is the Republican way; ignore the future, and embrace the past.

Traitor and white supremacist Mitch McConnell may finally get off of his lazy derriere and do something, even if it is the wrong thing to do. Paul Ryan will continue his practice of hypocrisy and bow to his demagogue.

Of course the GOP will spin the truth. Lobbyists will tell them what legislation to pass, and they will gladly accept their money. Income inequality will continue to grow; minorities will be punished for their diversity; women will once again be ruled by dirty old men who have no respect for the gentler sex.

A 55th attempt by the traitors in the House to repeal the Affordable Care Act will finally succeed; leaving as many as 35 million working class Americans without healthcare; and they will never replace it, regardless of what they promise; they lie.

Social programs are in jeopardy, and low-income and impoverished women will likely loose their reproductive healthcare as the morons on the right pass a bill to remove funding from Planned Parenthood in support of the phony Christian religious right.

Make no mistake about it; a Trump presidency means not only a continuation of the war on women, but will now swell into a war on the working class. Fascism is near, and millions of uninformed voters cast their ballots for our nation’s first fuhrer.

The middle class has been disappearing under the control of a Republican congress. It will soon completely disappear, and our nation will have the rich vs the low-income and the poor. We will be a third world nation within two years.

My disdain for those who control Washington is immeasurable, but my disappointment in my fellow working class Americans is all-encompassing. I am proud to be one of the millions of Americans who gave Hillary Clinton a victory in the popular vote, and I am proud to live in a state which has turned blue.


By James Turnage


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