You Decide: How Long has Trump been a Russian Asset?


If any American believes that the bromance between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump began in 2015, they are ignorant of world affairs. Although our security agencies are keeping this information top secret; for now; the truth is that the Russian president and megalomaniac Trump have conspired for more than five years to deliver the United States to the former KGB leader.

Eleven days before the November 8th election, FBI Director, James Comey, delivered a killing blow to Hillary Clinton’s campaign when he announced a reopening of an investigation into her use of a private e-mail. Comey was appointed by Republican President George W. Bush. As the implications of Russian interference into the election began to emerge, Comey denied the possibility. Now that the election is over, he has joined the CIA in condemnation of not only Russia, but specifically Putin as the source of the hacking of Democratic e-mails.

More importantly it was revealed that Carter Page, an American businessman who was a Trump foreign policy adviser, had recently made trips to Russia and met with Putin.

Then Mother Jones revealed that a high level Russian spy had produced proof to a British publication that Trump and Putin had been in contact for more than five years.

Today Putin indicated that although President Obama ejected dozens of Russian agents and closed their operations in retaliation for interference in our election, Putin indicated that he will not perform the same actions in Moscow; he will wait for Trump’s inauguration. If this doesn’t strike fear into the hearts of all Americans, you are in denial.

As president, Trump will be able to give Putin cyber access to our electrical and infrastructure grids, as will as information regarding actions by the Pentagon. Trump supporters have not only elected an immoral and unqualified man, they have elected a traitor who will gift our nation to the Russian president.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but does anyone with average intelligence truly believe that Trump could have won without outside assistance. Trump himself admitted that he was surprised; or at least he appeared to be.

This was the most unqualified, immoral, and criminally involved candidate in history. Could any man or woman who believed in America cast their ballot for such a depraved buffoon?

Trump is a puppet, and Putin and Robert Mercer are pulling his strings. Democracy is but a dream; our nation’s future is in great peril. Please re-post if you love your country.


By James Turnage


Photo Courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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