The Man in the Golden Tower vs the Man in the High Castle


There has never been a greater liar or hypocrite than Donald Trump in the history of the world. Previous despots such as Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin were upfront about their plans for world dominance and the enslavement of the masses. Trump has deceived tens of millions of uninformed voters, and is now in the position as the leader of the free world.

Amazon developed a series titled “The Man in the High Castle.” It’s premise supposes that Nazi Germany won WWII, and the United States is occupied by German and Japanese forces, with a neutral zone in between. As the story develops, the citizens of the fascist occupied nation learn the truth. The occupation is not complete. Revelations from the “man in the high castle” reveal the truth that the resistance remains in control of much of the nation.

Trump’s fascist circle of sinners forced me to think of the new regime created by Putin, Mercer, and Trump, and how our nation will no longer be a democracy.

Trump has broken not only tradition but a sense of civility. He is interfering in the last weeks of President Obama’s presidency. No president in the past has attempted to place himself in a position to alter international relations. Trump’s criticism of the President’s relationship with Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu is unforgivable.

The reason the United States has a relatively long period between the election and the change of power is to allow for a smooth transition. Trump is not making any effort to learn his upcoming job. He obviously believes two things; that he can dictate any action he chooses, and that tweeting is accepted as a form of communication.

Trump may live in a golden tower, but the man in the high castle is composed of 320 million people. He may believe that he can rule with fascist tactics, but he has another very big lesson to learn. Throughout history the American people only become united when they face a common enemy. In this case, the enemy is our own government. Those who unwisely voted for the most immoral man in America will quickly learn that their ignorance is costly for our nation’s future.

Trump’s enormous ego and weak temperament have forced him to convince himself that he received a ‘mandate’ on November 8th. This is far from the truth. Hillary Clinton crushed him in the popular vote, and she is the people’s president. The Electoral College is a direct confrontation with the first amendment, and I will not accept it gifting the election to Trump.

My biggest questions are simple; I will not engage in assumptions. How could the American people vote for a man with less than average intelligence who has no morals? I lived for 70 years believing that our nation’s leader must have unquestioned ethics and a superior intellect; Trump has neither. Along with more than one-half of America, Trump will never be my president.

I refuse to live in a nation ruled by fascism. The Trump administration already has a huge propaganda machine in FOX Noise. It has control of both houses of congress, and will soon control the Supreme Court by placing a right wing extremist in the vacant seat.

The fight will be long and hard; but WE must take our nation back.


By James Turnage

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