Not the President Yet but Already Disrupting the World


What has Trump done since the election? The answer is ‘nothing good.’ His ignorance regarding foreign affairs has empowered Russian President Vladimir Putin, angered China, offered Israeli President Netanyahu an opportunity to continue land grabbing on the west bank, and placed Taiwan in a state of fear.

What he hasn’t done is prepare for the transition of power. He hasn’t attended daily security briefings. He has yet to meet with the heads of the security agencies. He doesn’t know the names of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He refuses to hold a news conference and address all of the American people; instead he took a victory lap to states which supported his illegitimate presidency.

Trump is single handedly destroying delicate relationships around the world, spending all of his time tweeting. I understand that this is happening because he is a horrible public speaker, and is afraid of questions coming from legitimate journalists; but it remains unforgivable that he is not explaining his actions to the 320 million people he represents.

His own staff has no idea what the hell he is doing. When Kellyanne Conway appeared on the Rachel Maddow show, the host asked her why Trump has decided to renew the nuclear arms race. Conway either told a blatant lie, or she does not have contact with her boss. She denied that he ever made that statement. It began with a tweet, but the day after Conway appeared on Maddow’s show, he repeated his intention.

We all know that Trump is a few bricks short of a load, but is he ignorant enough to believe that a nuclear war is winnable? Bush was naive when he believed we could win a conventional war in Afghanistan and Iraq; but a nuclear war?

The United States has a stockpile of nuclear weapons large enough to destroy the world ten times by itself.

What will happen to the world when Trump receives the nuclear launch codes? Will our planet exist in March of 2017? Will Putin be in complete control on January 21st? Is this Trump’s idea of ‘making America great again.’ We have never been a great country, and increasing our military might; wasting trillions of dollars is not the way a nation receives the label of ‘great.’

An immoral Trump and his circle of sinners will destroy democracy in the United States, and may destroy every living creature on the planet.


By James Turnage

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