Republican Hypocrisy must be a Wake-Up Call for all Real Americans

New Republican Logo

Prior to the Electoral College gifting Trump with the presidency, the majority of the Republican Party denounced him. He was called a “phony,” “unqualified,” “immoral,” “unfit,” and many other true but alarming facts. His enemies included Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, Reince Priebus, and dozens of other well-known Republicans. Today, the party of hypocrites and no morals speaks about Trump glowingly; comparing him to the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Republicans care about two things; and nothing more. They seek wealth and power. Their only real interest in Washington is winning elections. They lack any sense of right or wrong. Not a single Republican could ever convince me that Trump is qualified or deserves to be our president.

Their shallow claims are that he is ‘changing our government;’ that he is ‘draining the swamp.’ Republicans are living in a fantasy world. He is changing our nation; it is moving towards fascism. If he is ‘draining the swamp,’ he is creating an even bigger cesspool.

The hypocrisy of the GOP should be a wake-up call to the American people who must join together in a second American revolution. For sixteen years Republicans have attempted to move our nation into a plutocracy in support of the one-percent. They have succeeded, and nearly 320 million Americans will now serve the government; the reversal of the intentions of our founding fathers.

You will never hear any of this from the media; in consort with the Republican party, they look with anticipation to the new America. Vladimir Putin and Robert Mercer are pulling Trump’s strings, and the destruction of our nation and its Constitution are in the near future.

The truth is that millions of angry and uninformed Americans voted for the most immoral man in our nation. True patriots have them to blame for our new society ruled by white supremacists, and bigots. Trump’s closest adviser is Steve Bannon. When he is scrutinized, the American people will learn that he is one of the most vile men in the world, and is dangerous to all true patriots. Trump’s cabinet nominees and recent appointees are all unqualified and each has a large number of prejudices.

If you vote Republican, you vote for fascism. You are literally voting against the needs and wishes of you and your family and for the wealthiest of Americans. Hypocrites have no value, and will serve themselves; not you or me.


By James Turnage

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