Hillary was Held to a Higher Standard: She Surpassed the Demands of the Media

Bill and Hillary

The disaster which is Donald Trump can be attributed to several efforts by outside sources, but one continued its efforts for 18 months. From the beginning of the primary season the mainstream media held Hillary Clinton to a far higher standard than all 17 passengers in the Republican clown car, and even to Bernie Sanders. Everything they claimed or insinuated was designed to influence the American people. Refusing to praise her for her experience, public service, and her position on the important issues gifted Trump the presidency.

The media continued to talk about the non-issue of her use of a private email server, and make false claims that she lacked “likability.”

The investigations into Hillary’s use of private e-mails were never ending. The media joined with Republicans to make them the central non-issue of the campaign. She admitted to making an honest mistake, and the FBI concluded that there was no criminal intent.

I was not alone in my admiration for Hillary Clinton. She spent her entire adult life serving the people of the United States and the world. If she lacked passion and an honest desire to do the right thing, she never would have made a mistake. Anyone who gives 100 percent of their efforts for a righteous cause is not perfect, but they are to be praised for the sincere and honest concerns; their constant hard work.

Hillary Clinton was voted the “most admired woman in the world” 20 times; no one else can make that claim. She was horribly misrepresented by the mainstream media. She is loved around the world, and continues to have the love and respect of tens of million Americans.

On the reverse, Trump has never sacrificed one minute of his life for others. He has stolen from the less fortunate, bribed public officials, and defiled women verbally and physically. Unlike Hillary, who was the most qualified presidential candidate in history, Trump lacked even a single qualification; he continues to prove that fact every day.

Let’s continue to focus on the hundreds of positive efforts by Hillary Clinton. As First Lady, a United States Senator from New York, and the Secretary of State, she accomplished more in her career than any single man or woman in history. But the media ignored this and continued to support the vile and evil rhetoric of the “orange man.”

The final proof that the media lied about how the American people distrusted Hillary, and that she is unlikable occurred when the final votes were counted after the election. Hillary crushed Trump, winning the popular vote by nearly three million ballots. She is the people’s president, and the candidate who received the mandate.

So, that is the truth; Hillary continues to be loved and respected by the majority. If she was now our president-elect, the celebrations in the streets of our city would be unending. All true Americans would be anticipating her inauguration on January 20th. But the media doesn’t talk about those facts.

The gift from the Electoral College to Donald Trump has resulted in just the opposite reaction from the American people. The streets are filled with protests from all demographics other than white America. There are plans for multiple protests denouncing the legitimacy of his presidency on January 20, and January 21. The more we learn about Trump and his family, the more despicable they become. Many uninformed Americans say that they respect daughter Ivanka. She claims to care about women’s rights, but continues to defend her father’s disrespectful and lascivious comments about women. She fails to consider the fact that more than a dozen women have accused him of sexual assault. Ivanka is a hypocrite; a spoiled child who fails to understand what challenges face millions of women in America every day.

Hillary represents the real women of America. She is a caring mother who gave all of her effort to making lives better for all women around the world.

On November 8th the American people made a huge mistake. Hillary would not have been only our first woman president, she would have been one of the greatest of all time. She would have worked for the working class; not against them.


By James Turnage

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