FOX Noise’ Tucker Carlson Another Failed Fake Journalist Gets Beaten Down: Ivanka is another Trump Phony


The right wing extremists in Washington and on FOX Noise share some commonality. They would support their fellow Republicans if one of them murdered a crowd of people on television; they hate progressives for no intelligent reason other than the fact that they lack the ability to intelligently deliberate the issues; and they can’t handle the truth.

Let’s make one thing clear; Ivanka Trump is a hypocrite. She pretends to campaign for women’s rights when the truth is that she supports her father’s misogyny, the repeal of funding for Planned Parenthood, and believes that any women who has a legal abortion must be punished. She has also ignored the fact that Donald Trump is a sexist, and has more than a dozen women accusing him of sexual assault.

There was a report that the object of Trump’s sexual desire was harassed by a female Jet Blue passenger recently. One of FOX’ fake journalists, Tucker Carlson attempted to demean Lauren Duca, a writer For Teen Vogue. He was over-matched as the young women displayed a much higher level of intelligence.

Carlson made a weak attempt to make Ms. Duca appear to be an anti-feminist. His misogyny could not be disguised.

“I think she’s an incredibly successful, brilliant woman,” Duca says. “The fact that she was able to balance [her father] out on these issues where he has talked about defunding Planned Parenthood and being against abortion… I think we need to investigate those things a little more critically, a little bit more rigorously and not be blinded by the fact that she looks like she smells like vanilla.”

Carlson takes offense to Duca’s characterization. “She looks like she smells like vanilla, who’s objectifying women here?” he shoots back. Carlson goes back to the word “sinister” and asks if it’s sinister for a daughter to support her father.

“It’s sinister for a daughter to capitalize on the power of feminism and united women and empowering women while supporting a candidate that is the most antiwoman candidate this country has seen in decades,” Duca says.

Carlson continued the conversation with his smug and arrogant manner, but Duca refused to back down, and eventually embarrassed the faux-journalist.

The undisputed truth is that the “Von-Trumps” are phonies. They are privileged and uncaring. Their goal is increased wealth. They are inexperienced related to the real America and the life of those they intend to rule.

I have absolutely no respect for anyone with the name of Trump. They are not worthy of acceptance, and will never receive it.


By James Turnage


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