Paul Ryan Hates Democracy: Supports Fascism


Republicans have attempted to remove democracy from America for at least 16 years; they finally succeeded. When the Electoral College chose Trump as the president-elect, extremists gained control over the future of our nation.

Republican leadership has fallen in line with their new standard bearer. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan are nearly giddy about their newly acquired power in Washington.

Patriotic Americans are aware that protesting is one of the most important rights the American people possess. No evil is eliminated without the people drawing the full attention of the nation. Paul Ryan rejects this type of action.

He was angry when Democratic Representatives staged a protest on the floor of the House last summer. They were rightfully demanding that the NRA controlled extremists on the right take action regarding gun laws to protect the 90 percent.

In an attempt to prevent such a recurrence, Ryan would introduce fascist laws. He proposes a $500 fine through deductions to their paychecks for a first offense of using electronic photography or audio or visual recording, as well as for broadcasting from the chamber’s floor. A $2,500 fine would be leveled for the next such offense and each subsequent violation.

If Republicans achieve their goals, the first amendment will be nothing more than a memory by this time next year. The traitors on the right side of the aisle hate three things; the truth; facts; and freedom of speech. By the time we have midterm elections in 2018, only a few of our nation’s citizens will retain their right to vote. Laws will be passed which will suppress the voting rights of the poor and minorities. I wouldn’t be surprised if they also attempted to repeal the nineteenth amendment which guaranteed women the right to vote.

The facts cannot be denied; fascism has arrived, and Republicans have begun to wage a war against all Americans who are not white and wealthy. But, will it last?

The GOP remains divided, but the noise has lessened since they now control every part of our government; and that is a disaster for the working class.

Ryan has proven two things; his job performance is a “D-:” and he is a huge hypocrite. He denounced Trump three different times, and is now kissing his a**.

America is changing; and it’s not for the better if you are loyal to the nation of our founding father.


By James Turnage


Photo Courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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