A Nation This Divided May Never Heal

New Republican Logo

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy in mid-2015, I, like most who closely follow politics, believed it was more of a publicity stunt than a serious intention to mount a campaign. Here was a man whose business practices were extremely controversial, had absolutely no experience in government, and was primarily known for ‘firing up’ the crowds at CPAC and other Republican pep rallies.

When 17 members of the GOP crowded themselves into the clown car, I believed that Trump would be the least possible candidate to emerge as the Republican standard bearer.

Republican voters were desperate to win a presidential election. Presuming that Hillary Clinton would emerge as the Democratic candidate, I assumed that Jeb Bush would eventually be the nominee of the GOP.

As the campaign season progressed, and Trump increased his lead over the other wannabees, I continued to believe that the great majority of our nation’s people would not support a man who supported racism and bigotry. I was aware that early Trump supporters were expressing their anger regarding congress and its failure to serve the American people. But I underestimated the fact that millions of Americans who had been hiding in the shadows now had a voice and a leader. White supremacy had risen to the forefront of American politics.

When the KKK endorsed Trump, and he refused to reject their approval, I knew that something very bad was about to happen in our nation.

Meanwhile, the press ignored Trump’s vile rhetoric, and offered him five-times more support than any other candidate. They continued to emphasize the Republican tactic of focusing on Hillary’s use of a private e-mail server as the most important issue in the campaign.

Informed and patriotic Americans offered their support to Hillary, whose stand on the issues favored the working class. She was the most qualified candidate in modern history, and I and many others believed that she would be a great president.

As the debates began, and Trump continued to display his ignorance and often made a fool of himself, I had no doubt that Hillary would easily win on November 8th. Republican leadership denounced the buffoon who lived in a golden tower. In October, when several tapes were released revealing Trump’s lewd opinions of how to treat women, I believed that the election was no longer in doubt. When more than a dozen women accused Trump of sexual assault, a landslide was inevitable.

Republicans hate facts and the truth; so when the most shocking result of the election occurred, questions arose from the shock on the left, and denial permeated the right wing. As proof of a “rigged” election were unveiled, and Hillary’s numbers in the popular vote began to rise, anger replaced both shock and dismay. Not only had the media aided Trump, but we learned that Russian President Vladimir Putin, and FBI Director James Comey intervened to give Trump the Electoral College.

Of course Republicans followed their pattern of hypocrisy and denied the truth. The result of the ugliest campaign season in modern history is a nation more divided than at any other time in our history other than during the Civil War. President Obama, other elected officials, and the media have suggested that we “give Trump a chance,” and support our president-elect. I’m afraid that’s not possible.

Trump is not our legitimate president-elect; his victory was a sham. His actions since the election prove that he is even less qualified to lead our nation than we believed. His nominees for his cabinet are all men and women opposed to the very issues supported by true Americans. They are truly a circle of sinners.

For me the most important issue is Trump’s complete lack of morality. He is an ignorant, vile, and despicable man who is totally unfit to live in the White House. He is a danger to our nation and the entire world.

Those like myself will never accept a Trump presidency. Millions of poorly informed men and women will continue to support Trump, regardless of his egregious mistakes, and his obvious effort to move our nation into fascism. His circle of sinners is composed of plutocrats, and once again a Republican administration will ignore the needs and wished of the great majority.

This time I sincerely doubt that our nation can reunite. Those of us who read voraciously and are informed will never accept those who blindly support such a horrific man as our nation’s first fuhrer. His supporters are unaware that before he takes the oath of office, he has already wasted millions of taxpayer dollars. He wants to renew the nuclear arms race. He will seek the repeal of the first amendment; our founding father’s basis for all other freedoms.

Our nation exists in an angry and hateful environment where violence is acceptable.

I join millions of others and believe that it is time to take our nation back from corrupt politicians. It is our nation; not theirs. Rule by an orange clown is unacceptable. The second revolution is coming, and I will be one of its soldiers.


By James Turnage

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