Some Good News: Unfortunately I Won’t be Here to See It


I have lost my faith in a large number of the American people, but I believe that enough of them will struggle through a fascist Trump rule. If the nation survives, and the rest of the world exists in 20 years, those who remain will be well served by a government which believes in liberty and justice for all. The party of evil and big money will have lost their leaders. White men such as Trump, Sessions, Pence, Tillerson, Bannon, McConnell, McCain, and dozens of others will be dead, and America may have a chance to once again adopt the principles of our founding fathers.

Unfortunately, I will probably be gone as well. But I have always believed in the nation which nurtured me. I have been a lifelong patriot who believed in the ideals of our founding fathers. They were not perfect, but their ideas were. I proudly recited the Pledge of Allegiance every day, and often shed a tear when I sang our National Anthem.

Our two party system has drastically failed the United States. Republicans no longer love our nation and oppose the majority of our nation’s people in favor of the super wealthy. But they have a serious problem. Millennials, the largest demographic in our nation, favor socialism over failed capitalism. Greed has failed the majority, and the people are the government; we must and can take it back.

Our nation began with a revolution, and a second effort to unseat a corrupt and immoral government is necessary to protect our Constitution. A Trump administration will support a plutocracy by instituting a fascist rule; democracy will become a thing of the past. This revolution must begin today, and forbid Trump, Putin, and Mercer their ambitions to rule over 320 million Americans; most of whom believe in the nation of our founding fathers.

Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Abraham Lincoln predicted this upcoming second revolution; and it must occur. If our nation’s people allow a white supremacist, a sexual predator, a man who believe in homophobia, and Islamophobia to rule our nation, it has no future. We will become slaves of our own government. If you believe that this is acceptable, you cannot claim to be an American, and most certainly not a patriot.

In peacetime the American people are cowards. They refuse to stand up to their government and denounce them for who they are. We have one party which is so extreme that we now have a dysfunctional congress. On January 20th, we will have the most unqualified degenerate in history as the president. But more than one-half of our nation will never accept him as our legitimate national leader. Hillary Clinton received the mandate of the people.

Where will you stand when our nation begins to self-destruct in six months? I will be standing at the forefront of the people; people who believe in the Constitution and will forever deny the fascist rule of the Trump regime.


By James Turnage

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