Hey Trump: “There’s no Cure for Stupid”


For nearly two years Donald Trump has proven that he is the dumbest man in America. He stumbled into a campaign based on anger, hatred, and racism and found like-minded men and women who had finally found a voice for their own bigotry. It would be humorous to think that Trump actually believes that he is qualified to lead or nation if the truth was not so despicable and dangerous to our nation’s future.

Let me attempt to educate Trump; I don’t have much hope for success, because he doesn’t listen to anyone, but I have to try for the sake of the American people.

Yes, Donald, Michelle Obama was talking about having the most immoral man in America living in the White House when she said that ‘hope was lost’ for America. Your tweet was sarcastic, but not clever or honest.

“Michelle Obama said yesterday that there’s no hope, but I assume she was talking about the past, not the future.”

Your choice of almost all billionaires in your cabinet and your circle of sinners, does not offer hope to the great majority of Americans.

Your intent to take away healthcare from nearly 35 million Americans, allowing some to die unnecessarily, is not a reason for hope.

You must learn that the daily security briefings are important; you must trust your real advisers, not he despicables you chose for yourself.

China should be an ally, not an enemy. America is not a hotel, or an overseas clothing factory; it is a nation, and must be operated in an intelligent and thoughtful manner.

Hillary Clinton won the election, and received the mandate of the people. You were gifted the presidency by the antiquated and un-Constitutional Electoral College.

Most Americans will never accept you as their legitimate president. The leader of the free world cannot be a criminal, a sexual predator, or a white supremacist. He or she must represent all of the nation’s people, not only rich, white old men.

Regardless of your efforts and the efforts of your circle of sinners, I, and hundreds of other Americans will refuse to greet you with a “Heil Trump.”

Finally, please stop your moronic victory lap and do something. Start by at least pretending to be the president. Learn how to speak in coherent English; Use complete sentences which contain words which are actually found in the dictionary.


By James Turnage


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